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Sage 50 Cloud Accounting | All You Need To Know & User Guide

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Sage 50 cloud accounting is entry-level accounting software for small businesses and budding startups. Sage 50 can be scaled to address the needs and demands of complex business accounting. With Sage 50cloud, you get basic accounting functionalities like accounts payables, accounts receivables, bill payments, and cash flow management tools. Sage 50cloud can be tweaked to suit industry-specific requirements. As you go along, you can build on your existing Sage 50cloud setup with modules and add-ons.

Sage 50

Key benefits of using Sage 50 Cloud Accounting software for your accounting purposes

  • It is easy to use and suitable for each member, regardless of his experience. Setting up Sage 50 cloud accounting software won’t require expensive training and installation, both for CPAs and non-accountants.
  • It automates and manages a wide range of business operations instead of focusing strictly on accounting and finance operations.
  • It ensures automated backup for your data, which is critical to protecting sensitive corporate data, and lets you maintain control over important numbers. Accounting checks are also automated.
  • It is enabled for inventory management, credit card processing, and customizable reporting.
  • The company offers dedicated advisers and business care assistance to its Priority users.

For those who want an option that is designed as accounting software for enterprises and big businesses, Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting is an excellent choice. Powerful and flexible, Sage 50cloud Quantum Accounting boasts large data capacity and offers company consolidation. Other features include the Sage Advisor, workflow automation, inventory tracking, and very advanced reporting capabilities.

Customer Reviews Summary

A review of Sage 50cloud functionalities, user experience, customer support, and other key elements of the service Experts in B2B conducted the study. The final results, as summarized, gave Sage 50cloud a score of 7.8/10, while the results provided by the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm place the overall user satisfaction rating at 97%.

Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Pricing

Sage 50cloud offers editions for the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It offers three main packages with pay-as-you-go terms, plus a demo version to try out the software yourself: Sage 50cloud Pro Accounting is $30.75 per user per month, Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting is $47.20 for two users per month, and Sage 50cloud Premium Accounting is $84.70 for four users per month. This pricing list might vary in different countries.

Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Login

To log in and access your account, head over to the official Sage 50Cloud webpage of your country (US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia) and tap the sign-in button at the top right side of the site. Choose which Sage 50Cloud services you want to access and key in your login details.

Sage 50 Cloud Accounting Demo sign up

To sign up for the demo version of Sage 50Cloud accounting and try it yourself, visit here and sign up.

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