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Gmail Password Recovery – Gmail Password Recovery via SMS


Gmail is a free web-based e-mail service created by Google, which provides users an opportunity to access the bulk of mail and send an infinite number of emails out to anyone in the world on the web. Gmail provides users with gigabytes of storage for storing messages and cloud storage for storing an abundant number of important files and documents for future use.Gmail Password Recovery

Setting up a Gmail account

    Setting up a Gmail account is a very easy task and within a few minutes, you are done. Before creating a Gmail address you must first create a Google account. Gmail would redirect you to a Google account sign-up page, at this stage you would need to provide personal details of yourself such as name, birth date, gender, and location.

Lastly, you would need to choose a name for your new Gmail address; it’s advisable to choose a name that you would always remember. While on this page you are required to give accurate information about yourself.

Follow these few steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to create an account.
  3. A sign-up form will appear. Fill in the required information. It’s very important to note that a very strong password should be used so as to avoid hacking into your Gmail account. It is usually recommended that a password should constitute an upper case, lower case, and numbers.
  4. Next, enter your phone number to verify your account for security.
  5. A text message from Google pops up on your phone with a verification code to complete the verification process
  6. Next, a form would appear asking for you to enter a recovery email, date of birth, and gender. Although the recovery email question is (optional) it’s very important because it is used to recover a lost email account, for example: If by mistake you forget your email account the recovery email account would be used to recover your lost Gmail account.
  7. Lastly, review Google’s terms of services and privacy policy, then click I agree.
  8. Your account will be created.

Signing in to your Gmail account

    When you create a Gmail account you are automatically signed in. Most of the time, however, you would need to sign in to your account or out when you are done with it. Signing out is very important especially if you are using a shared computer for example, at a library or office because it prevents others from getting access to your personal emails.

To sign in:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your user name (email address) and password, which you used to create the account at the initial stage, then click next, by so doing you are signed in automatically.

Signing out:

At the top right corner of the page, locate the circle that has your first initial. To sign out click the circle and select sign-out.

I have an existing Gmail account but I have forgotten my password – Gmail Password Recovery

If you have an existing Gmail account and you can’t remember your Gmail Password Recovery not to worry, we have you covered, with these few steps you would be able to login successfully into your Gmail account with no stress.

There are various ways of retrieving your password some includes:

  1. forgot password method
  2. android sign in(Tap on a number that appears on your Android device)
  3. recovery email(if you have set one)
  4. OTP(One-time password) SMS
  5. Remembering old password to recover

The easiest method out of all the above listed is the forgot password method.

The step includes:

  1. Google
  2. Enter the email address that you are trying to get access to and click the ‘forgot password option.
  3. You would be instructed to enter the last password you remember using with this Google account. Enter the password then click next. Do not panic if you get it wrong, it won’t lock your account.
  4. Request a verification code to your linked mobile phone number. This code would be sent to you within seconds via a text message or call depending on the option you choose
  5. Enter the code sent into the field.
  6. Next, you would be instructed to enter a new password and to confirm the password, then you would see a message would be shown that you have successfully changed your password.
  7. Lastly, log in with the new password and username, then you would be successfully signed in.

How to get my Gmail account: if you have forgotten your Gmail username

If you have a Gmail account and you cannot remember your username and password don’t panic, there are few steps for you to take in order for you to log back into your Gmail account.

  1. Visit the Gmail Password Recovery page.
  2. Select the I don’t know the user name option.
  3. Follow the instructions show judiciously.
  4. In order to successfully recover your Google username using this form, you must have specified a recovery email address or recovery phone number. But if you haven’t specified any recovery information, you may still be able to find your username if you have fairly recently logged in to your account through a browser. Now, Gmail displays your email address in the browser’s title bar, so searching your browser’s history for the inbox of Gmail might reveal your email.
  5. If your browser remembers your username and password, this happens when the username and password field is automatically populated when you want to login to your Google account and you are able to log in. Therefore, you should be able to retrieve your password through your browser’s password manager.

How to reset or change my Gmail password: changing the password if you know the current password

In this case, if you know your current password and you feel that the password is not strong enough or you see some suspicious activities going on in your Gmail account, changing your password is the easiest, all you need to do is to follow these steps below.

Here’s, how to change your password if you already know your current password.

  1. Sign in to my
  2. Under the heading ‘security’, scroll down to the ‘signing into Google’ section.
  3. Click ‘password’, and enter your current password
  4. Enter your new password and confirm new password
  5. Click ‘change password’ and you are all done. That is after the Gmail Password Recovery.
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