Google Advertising Sign Up | How to Set up Google Advertising

Give a boost to your business by taking it to google. It is a helping hand to small business owners to reach out to the wider society. With google advertising sign up you can show an ad about your business to those who are searching your type of business at that moment, as well as those who are looking for businesses in your area. Take advantage of the unique offerings of this to improve your business. For your google advertising sign up, follow the steps below; 

Google advertising sign up

Google advertising sign up is your gateway to knowing

  • The latest Google advertising cost
  • Own your own Google advertising account or what we call Google advertising ID
  • Know the latest Google advertising Policy
  • Get some Google Advertising PDF
  • Know which Google Advertising Products to go for
  • Maximize your Google Advertising Revenue
  • Learn your Google advertising settings
  • Know how Google advertising revenue works

How to Set Up Google Advertising Account

  • Start, by setting your daily budget, let’s say from $10 per day, although you can increase or decrease this amount immediately you have a better idea, of what you will have to bid per keyword.
  • With Google, you have the access to decide what geographical location you want your ads to show in. This is important for any local business, as it ensures that your ad only shows when people search for the keyword you are bidding on, and are within a specified distance from your business. With this, you can save money and increase your conversion rate.
  • You can choose between showing your ads exclusively on Google‘s search results page (search network), or also including Google content sites (display network).
  • You are to choose your Keywords you want to trigger your ad when setting up your Adwords account 
  • Next, set your bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. You can use Google‘s keyword planner to find out how much you will need to bid.
  • Finally, write your ad, using two headlines and a description. You are to use limited number characters, to make your ad concise and straight to the point.
  • Google Advertising, is a great marketing strategy, that local businesses can leverage on, to take their businesses to their next desired level.

How Google Advertising Works

  • Once a consumer searches for a term or phrase, Google shows the consumer relevant ads, depending on the keywords that are keyed in for the search.
  • Websites who desire to show their ads on the result page, bid on keywords which they think people will use when looking for their type of business. Also, Google takes into consideration the relevance and quality of your ad and website and determines when it shows up.

Google Advertising Costs

Google Advertising sign up is free and requires no fee from you if there is no visit. You only get to pay for Google Advertising, when someone clicks on your ad, to visit your website, or you received calls. This implies that you only pay when your advertising is working.

Google Advertising Offers

  • Enables you to set the geographical location that you want your ad to show
  • The only time Google requires a payment from you is when your advertising works. Google uses a pay-per-click advertising model, which only requires you to pay only if someone is searching for the keyword you have bid on, and finds your ad interesting enough, to click on it.
  • Using the Adwords dashboard, you can track how many people see your ad, how many clicks on your ad, as well as how many take an action once on your website.

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