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Google Partners | How to Become a Google Partner

Google Partners

Google has a specified program designed for an advertising agency, digital marketing experts and other advertising consultants who handle Google Ads accounts on behalf of their clients.

Google Partners

A company gets the tag of Google partner when its employee passes the required assessments and earns Google certifications. IKF is one of the reputed digital marketing companies which is a Google partner in India whose employees are certified as experts equipped with Google Ads skill and expertise.

The company has successfully met the set Google Ads spend requirements and delivered revenue growth to its clients. Offering digital marketing services in India for nearly two decades, the company has earned Google Partner status and has access to multiple benefits like additional events, training, and more.

How to Become a Google Partner

To be a Google Certified Partner you need to take a series of exams to be certified in a particular skill, be it Google AdWords or Google Analytics.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do so:

  1. Set up a Google PartnerYou can do this by following the link: Partners – Google
  2. Once, you do this you need to take a couple of exams for being “certified”.
  3. For the GoogleAnalytics Certification, you need to take one exam, upon clearing it you will be certified by Google.
  4. For the Google AdWords Certification, you need to take 2 exams- The AdWords Fundamental exam and the second exam can be of your choice from the following- Search Advertising, Video Advertising, AdWords Mobile, AdWords Display and Shopping Advertising.
  5. The preparation for these exams usually takes about 2 weeks and is quite easy if prepared well. The study material for these exams is provided by Google on the partner’s website for free!
  6. You can schedule this exam as per your convenience at any time of the year, and don’t worry if you do not make it in the first attempt, you can appear again for the exam in a week!
  7. Upon successful completion of the aforementioned steps, you will be provided with a certificate from Google.

List of Google Partners

The Google partner list is pretty long but we have compiled a list of their key partners:

1. Audi
2. Hyundai
3. LG
4. Honda
5. Samsung
5. HBO
6. Esri
7. IAC
8. Tesla
9. IBM
10. Starbucks
11. Hulu
12. Huawei

For more information and guide, you can get more details about the above partnerships, people, and supporting documents at Google Partner List. It is free and has over 60 partners listed.

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