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How to Book Train Ticket using UTS Mobile App

How to Book Train Ticket – Purchasing train tickets even in this modern age where the internet and smartphones exist has posed to be a lot of problems as it takes a lot of time due to the length of the queue at the ticketing area.

A smartphone and a mobile application is the ultimate solution to this problem.

The need to learn how to book train tickets using the UTS mobile app available on all OS (Android and iOS) becomes important and crucial if you must exit from the queue.

How to Book Train Ticket

How to Book Train Ticket using UTS Mobile App

Centre for railway information systems developed a mobile app known as UTS which allows you to book your ticket via the app in two different modes: – paper and paperless ticket.

Paper Train ticket

when you book this type of ticket via the app, you need to printout the ticket from the ATM machine using your booking id assigned to you when booking the ticket.

Paperless Train ticket

This type of ticket is booked on the app and it is sent to your mobile application without the need for presenting a printout.

The UTS mobile app is a free app that is available on the android, windows, and iOS app stores.

How to Download UTS Mobile App

Downloading UTS mobile App is simple and easy. The download process I will share with you works for both Android and iOS users. follow the below instructions to install UTS App on your smartphone.

  • With an internet-enabled device.
  • Visit your mobile App store (Android users – Play Store, iOS users – App store).
  • Using the search bar, search the App name “UTS mobile”.
  • Select from the search results and click install or download depending on the App store you are using.
  • Wait for the download to finish and launch the App.
  • Proceed to registration.

UTS Mobile App Registration

After a successful installation of the app on your phone, you need to register on the app by filling the registration form which would be displayed to you once you open the app.

An OTP would be sent to the registered number you filled during the registration to verify your phone number, fill the OTP on the app, and proceed to complete your registration.

You won’t be able to book a ticket unless you have funded your UTS wallet known as the r- wallet. The wallet can be located on the main menu of your dashboard.

Funding your UTS wallet (R-wallet)

You can fund your wallet using the following easy steps:

  • Click on r-wallet from your wallet and select recharge.
  • Enter the desired amount you wish to recharge.
  • You would be redirected to a payment portal where you will have 2 options; Paytm & MobiKwik. Select the one favorable for you.
  • After recharging, the funds would reflect on your wallet after which you can proceed to book your ticket.

How to Book Train Ticket: Step by Step Guide

To book a ticket, simply click on “book ticket”. Four options would be displayed to you which are:

Quick booking

when you select a quick booking, you get 2 options which are:

  • Book and travel (paperless tickets)
  • Book and print (paper ticket)

This option allows you to book tickets from quick booking routes that have been added to your profile.

Normal booking

similar to the quick booking, this option allows you to book either paper or paperless tickets more preferably paperless tickets.

You have the option to select the source station and destination station as well as the type of ticket you are purchasing if its a one-way ticket or a return ticket, the class, train type, and payment type.

Season ticket

UTS allows you to book seasonal tickets that remain in the app. The ticket can be issued or renewed using the app.

Platform ticket

This ticket can be booked by clicking on the platform ticket, enter the station name, and then finally the number of people you want to book. Then book your ticket.

To view tickets you have booked, simply click on “show ticket” on the main menu from your dashboard. With UTS mobile app, you can cut queues and save time in purchasing your ticket efficiently and conveniently.