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How to Save Animated GIFs to the Computer

Do you like animated gifts? If yes, do you often want to save them on your computer but don’t know how? You know that when you save Animated GIFs, you can easily access them whether online or offline. Once you have it on your computer, it is easy to upload it to any website that accepts it. so, get ready to learn how How to Save Animated GIFs to the Computer. keep reading, to learn how to do it.

Animated GIFs

How do GIFs Work?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. These files are mostly used for fun animations. Do you know that since the late 1980s, the GIF file format has been basically used to create animated graphics? These files are easy to create. However, they are silent spoken animations that do not support audio. The words are usually written out in the GIF.

People use GIF files for entertainment and as jokes. On the other hand, certain office workers use communication tools like Slack to send GIFs through chat rooms to express an emotion or have fun. You can as well use them in emails and on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Actually, using GIFs is casual and informal. It just makes you feel more connected.

Furthermore, GIF files are easy to access online. Certain websites only upload new and fun animations. To find GIFS, just access these websites. You can also use keywords to generate random animations from specific websites. This one too is easy to do.

How to Save GIF Files to your Computer

This process is very simple. However, you must save it in the right file format. Start by locating the GIF you want to save and open the file on your computer. Go ahead to right-click on the GIF and click “Save File” to open the panel for saving. Now, name the file and keep the .gif file format. This will enable the animation to be saved properly.

Proceed to locate the folder you intend to save the file and click on it. Click “Save” to save the GIF to your computer. This location should be where you can easily access it. It is very important to know that certain websites do not support GIFs. But they may only work on supporting websites and platforms.

How to use GIF Files

Now, let me teach you how to use GIF Files. If the file is hosted on a website, copy the link and paste it to a chat room or website to display it. Please note that if the host site removes the GIF from its database, the GIF won’t function. It is best to always host the file on your computer. This allows you to copy and paste it directly from your file on your hard drive. This is best for people who have a GIF in their email signature or another long-term position.

Lastly, before saving a GIF, be sure of the content. This will allow you to know what you are going for. Know what you are sending too before you send it to a colleague or friend. This will save you and the receiver some embarrassment. GIFs are for fun, the content and everything about what you are saving should be fun not to annoy others. moreover, I am sure you are able to master How to Save Animated GIFs to the Computer

I hope you got value. If you have questions, keep them in the comment section.

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