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Join Roundy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

I am certain you know Roundy’s Supermarket Company well. You may even be a frequent customer here. This firm has up to 99 pharmacies and 166 stores in Illinois and Wisconsin. It is the 37th largest grocery store chain in the US.Roundy’s

Join Roundy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

One unique feature of the supermarket company is that it’s always bent on ensuring the satisfaction of its customers. To achieve this, they frequently conduct online surveys through their customers. At the moment, the firm is conducting an online survey to get the feedback of its customers. To participate, you need to have bought something recently from the supermarket.

Interestingly, all participants will win a prize. The firm knows that your time works it. Even though the survey does take only a few minutes, the company still seems it vital to reward each customer who participates. Is this not amazing?

Win a Kroger’s Gift Card

Each customer has a chance to win a Kroger gift card. Once you complete this online survey, then you will enter the sweepstakes. A lucky winner can win a $100 or $5000 gift card. To enter the sweepstakes, you must be at least 18 years of age. You must also participate in this promotion. Are you ready to give it a trial? If yes, take the steps below:

How to Start Roundy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • With any device, you have, be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and connect it to the internet. Also, keep handy the receipt of your recent purchase at the supermarket.
  • Proceed to from any browser of your choice to access the survey page.
  • On the survey page, enter the information, like date, time, store number, lane number, and transaction number. All these details are printed on your purchase receipt.
  • Proceed to click the “Start” button to start the survey.

The survey questions are not hard. You only need to share your feedback. The sweepstakes rules are also available on the survey page. To read the rules, please click the “Sweepstakes Rules” link at the bottom of the survey page.

Why not participate to ensure a more quality customer service for yourself and others? Don’t forget the mouthwatering gift card.

I hope you got value. Place your questions in the comments section.