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Mercury Insurance Reviews – Mercury Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Hello! Have you ever heard of mercury insurance and had wondered about the services that they offer? Well not to worry, we would be giving you all the detailed information you need to know about mercury insurance. So let’s go!

Drivers will find that Mercury has some of the most affordable auto insurance rates in the states where it’s available, making it a great choice for price-conscious drivers. Those who qualify for Mercury’s discounts could lower their premiums slightly, too. Like its auto insurance policies, Mercury’s homeowners’ insurance policies carry low premiums and few discounts.Mercury Insurance Reviews

Mercury Insurance Reviews

However, drivers and property owners who value well-regarded customer service will likely be dissatisfied with Mercury, which has mixed to poor reviews and a reputation for delays. While the insurer’s prices will attract budget-conscious shoppers, other customers will likely find better service for similar prices elsewhere.

These are the pros and cons of Mercury insurance:


  • Young drivers who are looking for a low-cost auto insurance company
  • Anyone who is looking for mechanical breakdown insurance


  • Anyone looking for an insurance company with excellent service
  • Homeowners looking for an online quote

Mercury Auto Insurance Coverage

Compared to other insurance companies, there are only a few optional coverage’s available with Mercury auto insurance that customers can add to a standard, legally required policy. Furthermore, coverage options depend on the state of the insured, which ultimately restricts the number of add-ons offered. However, the Mercury mechanical protection endorsement is a feature not many other companies carry.

Drivers with Mercury auto insurance can get:

    Mercury mechanical protection Includes coverage for major failures that can occur to your vehicle, like transmission problems. Also, Mercury mechanical protection offers several coverage levels for new and used vehicles, up to seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Mercury mechanical protection also includes these additional benefits at no extra cost:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Also, Rental vehicle assistance
  • Road hazard tire protection
  • Trip interruption coverage

    Rental car coverage: Reimburses drivers for the cost of a rental vehicle if their car is involved in a covered accident. Mercury offers several coverage limits, with the lower end beginning at $30 per day and the higher end is $100 per day for a maximum of 30 days.

Roadside assistance: Provides stranded drivers with towing, a battery recharge, tire changes and help with locked doors. Mercury’s roadside assistance gives customers the option to select coverage ranging from $75 to $1,000 per occurrence.

Mercury Insurance Reviews – Discounts

Mercury doesn’t have the longest list of discounts, and like its optional coverage options, availability varies by location. While the discounts are typical of what other insurance companies offer, Mercury does offer ways to save on its already-cheap car insurance.

Drivers could lower the cost of a Mercury car insurance policy by:

  • Firstly, Owning a home, even if it’s not insured with Mercury
  • Finalizing an auto policy with a digital signature
  • Also, Insuring multiple vehicles with Mercury Insurance
  • Getting multiple types of coverage with Mercury, like auto and home
  • Equipping the insured vehicle with an anti-theft device
  • Lastly, Maintaining a high-grade point average

Policyholders can also save up to 5% by signing up for Mercury’s RealDrive program. RealDrive tracks the number of miles driven, with fewer miles leading to cheaper rates. This may be of particular interest to drivers affected by coronavirus lockdown measures.

Mercury auto insurance quotes

Mercury Insurance offers rates that align closely with its cheapest competitors, no matter the coverage level selected.

After gathering rates for drivers with different coverage needs, we found that Mercury Insurance remained cheaper than average for minimum and full coverage, including for drivers with one prior accident. However, compared to other large providers, Mercury wasn’t ever the absolute cheapest option.

Drivers who want full coverage could find the best value from Mercury car insurance, as the insurer comes close to being the cheapest overall provider. Policyholders who qualify for any of the discounts offered by Mercury could likely reduce their rates enough to offset the company’s relatively poor customer service, but the insurer’s rates aren’t cheap enough on their own to make it a runaway favorite for most drivers.

Mercury Insurance complaints

The reputation for customer service from Mercury Insurance is mixed. Measured by customer complaints, it performs decently. The insurer’s largest auto subsidiary receives fewer complaints than the median insurer, with policyholders citing service delays as the source of their dissatisfaction with Mercury. Conversely, the company gets more complaints about its homeowners’ service.

However, Mercury car insurance was placed second to last in J.D. Power’s national industry satisfaction survey. Additionally, Mercury is also placed near the bottom of J.D. Power’s regional study. In California, where the insurer occupies a large market share, it was rated as the 14th best insurer of 16.

Mercury homeowners insurance coverage

Mercury offers its customers access to a limited number of home insurance add-ons. While the extra protections available with Mercury will be useful for many homeowners, they are not unique to the insurer. This means that homeowners could get more chances for customization. elsewhere, while paying only slightly more expensive prices.

Homeowners insurance from Mercury Insurance can include:

    Extended replacement cost: Provides policyholders with an additional 50% of coverage above their dwelling coverage. The endorsement is meant to protect homeowners against the sudden rise in the cost of materials or labor that can occur when a lot of homes are damaged in the same area.

    Service line protection: Provides homeowners with $10,000 of coverage for damage to the exterior and underground service lines. Service line protection is an uncommon add-on, and it provides coverage for the following:

  • Firstly, Pipes connected to a public water supply
  • Sewage piping that’s linked to a public sewer
  • Ground loop piping
  • Piping that provides heating in the form of natural gas, propane
  • Piping that supplies compressed air
  • Power lines

Identity theft protection: Grants policyholders up to $25,000 in coverage for expenses that they incur as a result of identity theft. This endorsement, partnering with CyberScout, allows you to seek reimbursement for any of the following:

  • Lost income
  • Notaries
  • Attorney fees
  • Mailing costs
  • Loan application fees

Additional coverage for valuables: Increases the protection allotted to high-value items, such as jewelry, firearms, art, and furs, which is only fractionally covered by a standard policy.

Mercury home insurance discounts

We cant talk about Mercury Insurance Reviews without paying attention to discounts.  Mercury offers relatively few discounts to its policyholders. However, local agents may be able to find shoppers more discounts depending on their state. While it’s not technically a discount, Mercury’s policyholders can also lower their insurance rates by selecting a higher deductible. Otherwise, homeowners can save by:

  • Firstly, Bundling home and auto policies with Mercury Insurance
  • Owning a home constructed with fireproof materials
  • Also, Living in a home that’s located within a gated community
  • Having a home with safety features, like alarms, deadbolts, or sprinklers
  • Lastly, Purchasing coverage for a new home

Mercury home insurance rates

In a comparison of rates in one of Mercury’s largest markets, we found that it offered the cheapest homeowners insurance for most people.

Mercury’s limited discounts mean that the quote that you receive is likely very close to what you will end up paying. But since the insurer’s prices are low already, budget-conscious property owners who don’t qualify for discounts could find Mercury to be an affordable option for home insurance.


Hope we were able to give you a great Mercury Insurance Reviews. We gathered rates from California for a home insured for $509,400 the median value of a home in the state. This home measured 2,100 square feet and was constructed in 1979.

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