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Register For My Flex Dollars Online Account

Do you have a My Flex Dollar card? If yes, you can register online. Once you register, it is easy to access your online account and view all your details. This is because the online account is already set up on your behalf. Just enter your username and password for login access. First-time users can create an online account.

To create an account, simply enroll your details. The portal is open 24/7 and you can access it with any device you have.

Take the steps below to create an online account:

How to Get Login Access:

Start by going to with any browser of your choice.

Enter your username and password to get your login access to the online account.

However, if you have not registered, go to the option given on the right side as “New User”. Click on this button to move forward.

In this page, you will see a form. Fill the form by taking the three mandatory steps online.

In the 1st step which is “User Identification” enter your full name, zip code, SSN or employee ID and press “Next” button to move towards other steps.

Proceed to follow the screen instructions and complete your registration process.

Important Benefits:

Once you register, you will enjoy the followings:

Access to online account freely

Submission and verification of all your claims.

Management of account on a real-time basis.

Free access to notifications via email.

I hope you got value. Please keep all your questions in the comments section.