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Rental Application 101

In order to regulate the status of tenancy, the idea of rental application came about. Of course, we all know for a property under rent to last, it requires also tenants who can handle the property well. So, you see that the idea of rental application is not a bad idea at all. If you don’t mind, that was an introduction to what rental application does.  Read on for real details…Rental Application

More or less, rental application is a process set out to screen renters to ensure reliable rentals. In fact, the system works great and most landlords are adapting to it. So, renters prepare your heart to learn from us today on how to secure your property before you rent, with just a step forward.

Guess what?  The rental form is what holds the terms and conditions of the property leased out. And as such, we must learn to use it properly.

What is rental application?

A rental application is a document that is used by a landlord or a property manager to assess incoming tenants who want to rent an apartment or property. The essence of this form is to check out the personal information of the person and to run background checks of the person.

In addition, a rental form will want to know more of your household information, employment and income details, and previous residential history.

If you want to rent a property, then you must be ready to answer all the questions in the document and this can gain you fast approval.

Contents of rental application document

There are five basic segments of a rental application. they include

  • Personal information
  • Household information
  • Residential history
  • Employment and income
  • Background information

To start, let’s look at the contents of each of them.

  1. Personal Information segment

You will need to provide the following details over this part of the rental application document:

  1. Household information Segment

Here contains questions that will disclose the number of people that will live in the home. Also, you will be asked about pets and when they will be able to move in.

  1. Residential History Segment

Here, you will be providing your residential history for the past three years. Where you on rent, did you own properties, and the rest of your living conditions are the contents of this segment. You will need to give a response to the following questions to make up your history.

  • Firstly current address and any previous addresses in the past three years
  • dates they lived in each residence
  • Monthly rent or mortgage payments
  • Names and contact information for previous landlords
  • what made you move
  1. Employment and Income Segment

Of course, you already know what this segment is asking. This is to verify if you will be able to pay for the rent over a period of time. Thus, here is the content of the segment questions:

  • Current employer’s name and address
  • Applicant’s job title
  • Applicant’s monthly gross income
  • Additional sources of income
  • Length of employment
  • Supervisor’s name, phone number, and email address


  1. Background Information Segment

Here is a part of the yes and no response. So, what you will be doing is to give a yes response to anyone that is right to your background information.

  • Do you smoke?
  • Have you ever been evicted from a rental?
  • Have you ever filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years?

Note: Afterwards, is the disclosure on the amount of the application processing fee, the address of the residence to be held, and the holding deposit paid and the total amount to be paid?

To seal the application and document, the signature and date come in. the date is very important as long as the agreement is important. So sign to acknowledge that both landlord and the applicant have agreed on the terms.

These are the major kind of questions you may find in a rental application.


To approve any application, the landlord makes use of the details provided to gather facts about the tenant. He goes a long way contacting your old landlord to make sure all went on well before the tenant planned to leave.

Of course, your credit report will be ascertained to create a rental lease agreement.

Must I use a rental application form?  

This is just to improve a system with consistent information to review prospective tenants. So, they need your information to create a system where they can receive information. This works perfectly and can fetch you property because of the level of trust raised.

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