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How to hide apps on iPhone | hide apps or folders on your iPhone or iPad

Most times, we have something we want to keep private on our phone because of the content inside, right? Here is how to hide apps on iPhone. Mind you, what we have here will work for those making use of iOS 7.1. Read on for more details.hide apps on iphone

Nothing moves kids like games, and once they find out that you have one on your phone, the rest is a story. Remember, a life of a kid is with an aim, until they get what they want, they never stop pushing. Hiding such kind of apps on your phone can be ideal for that your iPhone. Nevertheless, you can do this equally to apps that you don’t want spying friends to attack. Isn’t this a trick in iOS? Of course, it is.

To start, you are going to be doing this trick following the guide we provide you on this page. All you need is to read the guide completely. Else, you won’t get the entire message.

iOS app trick steps

To begin with this exercise, you should be getting your device ready right now.  Here, we are going to be hiding a candy crush game and Facebook and WhatsApp. To begin,

  • Firstly, you need a folder where you can hide the apps you wish. So, you should create one. Now name the folder “FOLDER 1”. You can choose what you want but read till the end so you will understand what am about to show you.
  • Secondly, you will have to nest Folder 1 under another folder. You can call it “Folder 2”.
  • If you have done that, go on to remove the apps you placed in Folder 2, but leave the “Folder 1” within “Folder 2”. Thus, the folder will appear blank on your home screen, causing deceit. Meanwhile, the aim of this trick is to make folders look useless and empty.
  • In case this caused an open space where the app was supposed to fill, then you should use the rule of drag and drop to fill it up with any random app.
  • Launch folder 4 and then drag folder 1 out to the dock area. Hence, folder 2 will disappear in a few minutes’ time. Thus, it will completely disappear, hiding your Facebook, WhatsApp, and game.

Note: once you have done this, you can’t find those apps anywhere except you use the search bar to sort for them. Guess what, the apps will restore back when you restart your phone.

So, anytime you want to access the hidden app, you should make use of the search bar to find it. Key in the name of the app you want to access and then hit the search button on your keyboard.

This trick makes it that you are in charge of the apps. No one else will understand what is going on or else you told them. Mind you, you have totally hidden your app. With these tips you should be able to hide your iPhone apps

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