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Facebook Business Page Free: Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a popular social networking platform that helps users network and connects with their friends and loved ones sharing memories and interests on the timeline, groups, and pages.

Also, Facebook can as well be used for business purposes, social campaign, and political activities. My focus on this post is to help you learn how to create a Facebook Business Page free to move your business forward in the coming year 2020.

The use of social media in today’s world business can’t be ignored because social media are places where your potential customers hang out. Let’s take for instance Facebook.

The Facebook platform houses over a billion users and hundreds of million active monthly users. That number alone is worth diving into. That you don’t have a customer at least you would find a thousand people or fans that would like or buy your product and services.

Facebook Business Page Free

By the time you are done reading this article, you would have discovered the reason why you need to know how to create a Facebook Business page in 2020 and why you need a business page to take your business growth higher in the year 2019.

Why do I need to create a Facebook business Page free?

Creating a business page on the Facebook platform comes with a lot of benefits and one of those benefits is bringing your business to the limelight where millions of people all over the world got to see what you offer.

Further, I would like to tell you a bit what a business page is -a business page is what can help you create awareness about your business on Facebook.

More so a business page helps you develop a rapport with your customers, showcase your products, drive traffic your eCommerce website or blog, and a lot of other yet to be discovered things you can do with a business page.

If you have a business or you market a brand, you should create a business page for it. It also helps improves sales. There are so many advantages to creating a Facebook business page in this coming year 2020.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page free

My guide and instructions on how to create a Facebook business page are going to be simple, easy, and brief. So much so that in the next 2 to 5 minutes you would have been a Facebook Business page owner. Let’s get down to the process.

  • Go to and sign in your Facebook account.
  • Locate the pages icon in your menu icon or left sidebar and tap on it.
  • Hit the create page button and wait for a pop-up or you are redirected to a new page.
  • From the types of the page tap on “Get Started” under the “Business or Brand” section.
  • Enter the name you desire to use in creating the page and enter the category that best describes it.
  • Tap on the continue button and follow the instructions given to you afterward.

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