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Watch TV Guide Channel on Smartphone – TV Guide Listing

Do you frequently watch the TV Guide Channel? If yes, there’s good news for you.  The guide is a television channel based on American magazine. It offers services two times a week with different list television programs, related news, and important information.TV Guide Channel

Furthermore, it telecasts other programs like; conversations on different topics and celebrity interviews, horoscopes, issues related to news, puzzles of crossword, and film evaluations. TV Guide magazine in printed form is possessed and owned by NTVB media, whereas electronic media is controlled and owned by CBS Interactive.

To expand its exclusive services and facilities, you have to agree to use all electronic features and programs on mobile applications through android mobile or iPhone. This facility helps to motivate viewer’s access television channels from any location.

However, to enjoy this service on your smartphone, take the instructions and steps below: After doing so, once you have an internet connection on your device, you will easily watch it.

How to register in order to Watch TV Guide Channel on Smartphone

Start by going to with your device that has an internet connection.

On its official page, carefully review all the features, trailers, and program types gradually by scrolling downward.

At the end of the page, click on any of the icons, “download app for iPhone” and “download app for android”

Proceed to click on the right icon as per the model of your mobile. It will lead you directly to the TV Guide play store. Here, click on the “Install” button.

Next, you will be asked about your email address and password. Provide information and press the sign-in button.

Now, choose your mobile model company and click the “Install” button. An application will be installed on your smartphone.

More Vital Features:

People who use the mobile features can pay some levied charges. The charges include the fee of text messages that you receive and usage of data transmission of the TV Guide channel. You can also view all additional services. However, you have to subscribe first with your wireless data provider.

Please note that these charges are not charged by the company. Instead, it is charged by a data service provider. So, contact the service provider for the confirmation of charges. This is very important.

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.