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What is Microsoft Azure? – What is Microsoft Azure Used For

What is Microsoft Azure? Of course, no one is an island of knowledge and by so, we ought to always ask questions. Hence, the good news is that we got what you asked for.

Anyways, Microsoft Azure is now a rebranded service formally known as Windows Azure. Thus, it is a cloud computing service that is as massive as Amazon and Google.What is Microsoft Azure

In fact, it has really stretched its capacity to be able to compete with other bigger cloud services. Assuming you have made use of the Google cloud platform or Amazon web services, then you will get to understand what Microsoft Azure is.

Meanwhile, this service is clearly for companies, organizations, and sometimes individuals (which is in rare cases compared to other users). Probably, many businesses will want to have their own web server on their hardware as long as the power needed is there.

On the other hand, some hire an admin to handle hardware, under a fee for a solid connection to serve its customers. Besides, you should ask hosting companies to host your services on their own hardware from their data center. Of course, you will need to find one that you can afford their fee and thus, Azure is part of them that you can afford.

What is Microsoft Azure?  Cloud computing

Of course, you can see that this is quite different from the consumer services that store your data on a remote server. Thus, what we seek here is whole computing as a service for companies. That is to say, those that want to run their own hardware own their own. But then, Azure is a big service that can offer you for a fee while you reduce the stress of buying hardware and paying an admin. So, compare and contracts between having your own or paying to Azure.

Microsoft Azure is trusted to handle or host you while you pay for only computing resources you use instead of the other way round. Of course, if you do otherwise, it will cost you, even more, that is, paying for hardware and investing in staff for that.

Azure is here for you based on your desire. That is, you can pay based on how you want it. In that case, Microsoft Azure provides a directory of hundreds of different services you can use. For instance, you have options for full virtual machines, databases, file storage, backups, and services for mobile and web apps.

However, there are hundreds of services you will get with Azure, which competes with Amazon, and Google. Above all, the Amazon web services are said to be ahead of Microsoft and Google services.

Importance of Azure

Take advantage of Azure to extend Windows. For instance, some companies will want to have a center user directory and management of their PCs for their own Microsoft Active Directory Server. Guess what happens? Thus, the Azure Active Directory can be used for active Directory software that can be installed on a windows server.

With Azure AD, companies don’t need to host their own Active Directory server because you can have all those centralized administration features.

AT least I Forget, this Azure AD is available for Windows 10 users. Thus, you can join via the “Work Access” feature. Besides, Microsoft office 365 services use Azure Active Directory to authenticate users.

Again, the advantage of Azure is that anyone can make use of it. All you need to do is to move to the Azure website ( There, you can sign up for an account. Meanwhile, each account comes with $200 in credit which can last for the first 30 days to enable you to observe how Azure works for you. Besides, it offers you one year of free services to file storage, databases, bandwidth, virtual machines for Windows, and Linux.

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