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YouTube Live Events:  YouTube Live Events Features | How to Broadcast Like a Pro

Do you want to reach your audience in real-time? Thrill your audience with your YouTube live events or stream a video game, perhaps you are hosting a live Q&A, or tutoring a class, YouTube live is one tool to get you out there in front of your audience. YouTube live makes interactions with viewers real and fun.

YouTube Live Events

Broadcasting Live Events on YouTube

There are four ways to broadcast your live events on YouTube to your audience. These four ways are very easy and common so much so that a newbie can use it to broadcast their YouTube live events at ease.

Here we go:

1.             Webcam Broadcast – webcam broadcast is the simplest and no-cost way you can go live with your device webcam; a smartphone, iPad, Personal computer, or a tablet. Without the use of an encoder.

2.           Mobile Broadcast – mobile live streaming is easily done with your smartphone using the YouTube mobile app or opening the official YouTube web page with your browser. However, you will need a YouTube account, the app, or a web browser and you will have at least 1,000 subscribers to be able to do mobile broadcast.

3.            Encoder Broadcast – encoder live streaming is for advanced users. It’s a use of video encoder to record or capture the content anywhere; desktop, camera, microphone, and other medium and streamed live on YouTube. Though many encoder streamers use it for the broadcasting of games using external audio/video hardware with multiple cameras.

YouTube Live Events

YouTube LiveEvents was made available to verified active accounts on the YouTube platform with the live streaming feature.

The amazing thing about YouTube LiveEvents streaming is its enormous features that can make your broadcast much more professional than simply using a webcam and built-in mic. Like the feature enhances your broadcast and makes your live stream attractive with a pro touch.

Features of YouTube Live Events

Like we already said the live events stream brings a lot of features that make pro broadcasting possible. Here are a few features of YouTube Live Events:

  1. You can set up multiple cameras.
  2. The ability or option to choose your encoder yourself.
  3. Select a YouTube Wirecast program like basic switching, transitions, and picture-in-picture. These listed Wirecast are free.
  4. You can add live closed captions.
  5. View your real-time data while broadcasting (the number of concurrent streams and your average watch session length).

How to Set up YouTube Live Events

To enable the live events is very easy if you carefully follow the instruction I will share and that of the onscreen instruction in the redirect link you will see below.

Here we go:

  1. Go to the Video manager.
  2. Click on the Features link, under the channel settings section.
  3. Scroll down and locate the toggle switch and switch it on.

How to Schedule a Live Events

Scheduling your live events is quite easy and simple. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Video manager.
  2. Select live events from the left-hand menu.
  3. Then proceed with the display onscreen instructions to complete your live events schedule.

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