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25 Inventory Management Tools for Small Business

Think of it, when you now have 25 different options to avoid guesswork and thus, your business will run smoothly. Thus, it’s no order thing but the inventory management tools for small business? Of course, it helps you to achieve a lot and as such, your work is with accurate calculations and efficiency. It, however, streamlines your small businesses to your taste.Inventory Management Tools for Small Business

To start, let’s look at each of the inventory management software for small business. Of course, these tools are software that has been designed with small businesses in mind. So, you will definitely get the best out of it. So, are you ready to pick from here, the best that will suit your business? Read on for details.


Have you tried unleashed inventory management system? Thus, this system offers small businesses an easy platform to manage inventory. Guess what? The good part of it is that it’s a cloud-based system which means you can access it anywhere.

You can determine your business revenue instantly from the dashboard; know the stock and profit made.

Of course, nothing goes for nothing! But this time around, its plans are at affordable prices. Thus, it ranges from $60 and above, a month.


This tool is hyped as the smartest shipping app in the world today. You know what? With this software, get ready to know your cost-effective solution to goods inventory for shipping operation. That is to say, it offers you the ideal cost to place in a shipping operation.

Ordoro cost at least $25 a month for the basic price.


Are you running different industries at a time? Here is the best tool that helps you with a comprehensive online inventory management system. With it, you can receive your orders, reorder stock, and manage products, and more.

Guess what? Thus, this software offers a free package. You know what? It aims at helping small businesses that just started.


AdvancePro has a great interface and you can easily integrate your QuickBooks record. It has an advanced system that powers a series of high-performing inventory and warehouse management tools. Even at that, it can handle small businesses ’ needs.

Here, the pricing is deployed based on the package.

Goldenseal Accounting

Thus, this system is designed just for small businesses. Just like the name sounds, it gives you a full package on accounting and inventory management.

Specifically, this system suits construction firms and businesses that bill for materials and time. Its plan ranges from $495.

NCR Counterpoint

You can now host payment processing features to project for your retail, wholesale, or mail-order business. Thus, NCR offers you such solutions. And it is a cloud-based hosted software.

Looking at the pricing, it’s actually realistic for small businesses. Thus, that means you can afford it.

Zoho Inventory

This is a popular inventory tool. With Zoho, you can bet on having multi-channel selling and still have good inventory control. Small businesses can make use of it to manage orders and inventory.

Above all, it’s affordable no matter your business class or size. Thus, the prices of its plans range from $29 per month to $249 per month. That is to say, small businesses and big businesses can make use of it. Therefore, they will both be operating with the plan of their level.


This software can take care of a business inventory because it has full inventory requirements. Here, it can be priced as low as $99 a month.


You can now initiate that you thought into reality with this software app. It enables you to integrate stuff like shipping orders, tracking, payment processing, etc. Above all, it is still has an affordable plan. Thus, it ranges from $59 a month.

Wasp Inventory Control

This inventory system has a user-friendly interface and it’s good for a business that has from 5 up to 99 workers. Its inventory control contains all that a small business will need for inventory management. For instance, it includes mobile devices, printer,s and supplies.

The pricing here depends on the package a business chooses.

Retail Inventory

Retail Inventory is a comprehensive inventory management app. You can scan barcodes here. With as low as $20 per month, you can get this service. For the premium packages, it attracts a higher price but still affordable. Thus, it cost $75 a month.


Both small and medium-sized businesses can make use of Infoplus. Thus, it is best for retail businesses that sell electronics, food and beverages, consumer goods, and more. The pricing price ranges from $379 a month.

SOS Inventory

This is suitable for any business that makes use of QuickBooks. Thus, you can integrate your QuickBooks. In addition, you can do that as well to your sales orders.

You can easily track your cost history even though you are at multiple locations. The SOS Inventory Plans range from $25-$200 per month.

Red Rock Warehouse Manager

This is designed to suit every retail distributing business, as well as manufacturing businesses. Thus, it’s a cloud-based inventory management system.  Above all, it has all efficient inventory management tools for your business.  This software also allows you to integrate your QuickBooks’ records.


This software allows users/businesses to manage stock and sales. Also, you can create a shipping option. The plans for this software range from $79 a month. Thus, it is an affordable for inventory management tools that your small business.


TRXio is a cloud-based inventory management tool. Hence, this software attends all sizes of businesses and industrials. This software can take care of most business inventory demands. Besides, you can give it a try since it offers a free 14-day trial before signing a contract.


Stockpile is a free inventory software for small businesses. It can as well be used by single users to save time and money on inventory tasks. You can count on this system for helpful inventory features. With it, you can take a record of sales and damaged goods.


This system is cable of revitalizing your inventory management system. Plus, it is affordable. This software is perfect for small businesses and is ready to help you grow your business.

Furthermore, this software permits you to integrate your QuickBooks without stress. Meanwhile, you should check it out to know if it is suitable for your business. Hence, it offers a 14-day free trial.


If you need software that will help you out in stock management, then Losoftware is what you need. Thus, it is designed for eCommerce and retail businesses. The good thing is that you will be able to have full control over your stock.


Cin7 is good for tracking sales and inventory. It is very good for both small and medium-sized businesses. But then, its basic plan costs high as it ranges from $249 a month.


This is good for any small eCommerce business o help manage shipping and other time-based orders. You can actually customize your packing slips for your inventory management system.

The plans here are based on the requirements of the business in use.

Stitch Labs

Any business that wants to grow its inventory management should check out for Stitch. It saves you time and most importantly, you can handle it from your convenient place. That is to say, you can sync sales channels. This inventory management system plan starts from $499 a month.

Clearly Inventory

This software is designed with the aim of meeting the inventory needs of small businesses. Thus, it allows you to pay for the features that you need. In case you don’t want to make too much payment in managing your inventory, then clearly is a good option to reckon with.


You can manage both inventory and your customers. Hence, it is an all-in-one software that can take care of purchases, suppliers, invoices, and customers. Guess what? SalesBinder offers free packages as well as paid plans that range from $19 per month.


Finally, in our list, Veeqo is the last 25 tools for inventory management for small businesses that we have for you.

However, Veeqo is a cloud-based inventory app for small to large businesses. With it, you can manage orders, inventory, purchase orders, shipping, and suppliers.

Here, the pricing is dependent on the business progress.


Am sure you were able to observe the one that is best for your business. So, you can move on to manage your inventory now that you have known the right tool to use.