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Apply For BBVA Compass Bank ClearChoice Free Checking Account

Are you a business person? If yes, you can enjoy easy business operations, perfect and efficient management, creativity, and a broader vision. There’s one bank that’s committed to helping you achieve this level of efficiency.

That bank is Compass Bank ClearChoice. With this bank, you can make a corporate investment, financial decisions, cash flow management, and financial management decision for all types of businesses that you operate.BBVA Compass Bank

BBVA Compass Bank

BBVA Compass is an American-based financial institution.  It provides banking services to customers for multiple needs. The banking operation is run in Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona, Alabama, and New Mexico.

Till to date, it has expanded its large network by operating more than 716 branches throughout the American territory, and on the basis of business strength, it comes on 25th position in the banking industry.

However, to enjoy the services online, you must enroll in an online account. Take the steps below to do so.

How to Apply For Checking Account:

  • Start by going to with any device that has an internet connection.
  • Proceed to the main page and click on “Apply Now” and go to the next page for a selection of card types.
  • On the next window, you will see an application form with three steps; 1) Personal Info, 2) Fund your account 3) Review & Confirm.
  • Enroll in the right details in the appropriate fields.
  • Now, click on the continue button to finish.

Use of Credit Report:

The moment you fill the form, it will authorize the bank to allow you to view your credit details, report, and consumer credit report to determine financial strength:

What do you stand to gain?

You can easily do your Identity verification

There is Eligibility of account

You will as well enjoy additional product and services benefits.


How do I add money to my BBVA account?

To transfer money in Mobile Banking, take these steps: Sign in to the BBVA Mobile Banking app. Proceed to choose “Payments & Transfers” from the main menu. Now, select “Start a Transaction. “Tap on “Select Account. “Choose the account you want to move money from. Proceed to the account you want to send money to. Enroll in the transfer amount.

What bank is BBVA Compass?

BBVA USA (formerly BBVA Compass) is a bank holding company with its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. It has been a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria since 2007. Also, it operates mainly in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas.

What is BBVA Compass phone number?

1 (844) 228-2872BBVA USA

1 (844) 228-2872BBVA USA

How do I contact BBVA customer service?

You can contact them on this number: 1 (844) 228-2872BBVA USA

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.