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Facebook Beacons | Tips for Growing Facebook Page Audience

Facebook Beacons

With the growing opportunities of social media platforms, it becomes an attention-demanding task to see ways you can leverage to grow your audience – and more audience means more brand awareness and in some cases more sales if you have products and services.

Facebook Beacons

However, you can send your site store customers straight to your Facebook Page, where they can check-in, like the Page, and see all your posts – with no single advert or mention, sending an email or any other form of notice or a cry out to join your Facebook page.

What is Facebook Beacons?

Facebook Beacon is a small-sized device that can be placed in an office or store which gives more information about your business to your customers at their visit to your store or office but only if they use Facebook during their visit.

How Does Facebook Beacons Works?

When the beacon is activated in a store or office, anyone or customers who open Facebook on their smartphone, with both Bluetooth and location services on, will immediately come in contact with more information about your products or business called “Place Tips”.

The information displayed or shown to the customer’s “Place Tips” ranges from the news of upcoming events if there are one, products or business reviews and your Facebook page post, special offers & deals and promotions

Though you still have the option to customize what your customers or store visitors can see in your place tips. To do that you can go to the Place Tips section underneath the Settings option on your Facebook Page and a guide will be shown to you on how to customers what your customers see.

How to start using Facebook Beacons

Request your beacon through this Facebook link and make sure your business’s Facebook Page contains your address in the appropriate location after then open the beacon when it arrives and take the sticker off the back. Finally, update your Facebook Page as usual, and the beacon does the rest. This is more like passive marketing.

Over To You

You can leverage Facebook beacon to build an online presence, get store visitors to know about an upcoming event, promote special offers and deals and of course use it for product and business reviews, check-ins and lot more. You can give it a try, it doesn’t cost much and can yield a high return on investment.

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