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Facebook For Business | How To Grow Followers On Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook For Business – Facebook can only be interested in your facebook page if you are able to generate engagement at the very first time you make a post or the very few days your facebook page is created.

So to get facebook on your side your aim should be on how to generate enough engagement but also on the very first time your post or page is created. To do that you must employ three strategic means; First, you must learn how to consistently comments on users (reaction), likes on your page with open-ended questions.

Facebook For Business

Secondly, make sure you reply to every comment and as well foster further conversation, thirdly, get users engaged on your page. So in this post, we are going to share two ways you can reach out to ideal customers and grow followership. lets quickly share two ways you can grow your Facebook audience;

Comment on Users Reaction on your Facebook Page

Whenever Facebook users react to your post don’t hesitate to drop a comment, but most preferably a comment that will lit up a conversation, usually a question or a compliment, but let it be a comment that connects to your user’s interests.

If possible tag the person and other users, a maximum of 10 at a start  if they respond to your comment, do all you can to keep the conversation going, but if they don’t, tag more people. To go further you can reply every comment with an open-ended question.

facebook users who comment on your page are either a potential facebook fan or a brand advocate. So do your best to prime out what the connecting point is with your business or brand, that in turn will help you to keep them engaged with what they are interested in.

Boost Facebook Post to your target market

Make your post reach your target market by pushing to a specific niche interest. In other to pile up facebook reaction, comment and shares you will need to boost your post by setting aside a little budget. Boosting your post is one of the ways you get your content in front of target Facebook users. Let’s quickly show you how you can boost your post;

How to Boost your Facebook Post

Step 1: Locate the very post you want to boost.

Step 2: Tap on boost post.

Step 3: Key in the required information.

Step 4: add a button on your boosted post (optional).

Step 5: Go to the audience section and direct your audience to a specific niche interest; select your audience and tap “Edit”.

Step 6: scroll down and tap narrow audience and click on the narrow audience link right under the detailed targeting.

Step 7: Type in your niche interest topic in the search bar, and select the niche interest of your choice and tap save.

Step 8: Choose a budget and the duration your administrative will be boosted and tap boost.


It takes some time for Facebook to authorize boosted posts. So you will need to patiently wait until your post boost is authorized by Facebook, a minimum time of 60 minutes, sometimes it lasts more than 60 minutes before your post boost receives authorization. Facebook For Business is primarily focused on giving your business an online presence.


In building Facebook followers (Facebook For Business) don’t start by inviting people to like and follow your page. but looking for ways to reach a target market who are likely to be interested in your business through your Facebook post or content and keeping them engaged on your page compels them to naturally follow you.

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