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Facebook Like Campaign | How to Set Up Facebook Like Campaign and Gain Huge Page Likes

Facebook like a campaign – More Facebook likes gives companies a competitive edge and helps to foster or drive brand loyalty, and drive sales.

Here is the gist, it’s more honorable and ethical to acquire tons of Facebook likes organically than it is to buy Facebook likes in the name of toping your competitors or gaining brand loyalty. That doesn’t mean we are trying to discourage you from running a like campaign.

If your company is new in the industry and has a quality service or product to offer but hasn’t built an audience that really trusts in your brand, then employing Facebook like the campaign is still a good idea, so long your company can afford the ad cost.

Facebook Like Campaign

Why is Facebook Like Campaign Important

Facebook like campaign plays on audience intelligence and it’s easy way companies or advertisers generate thousands of post or page likes that in turn get users or target audience interested in their brand.

The truth is that the more Facebook likes your brand generates the more likely people trust your brand and the end result is more purchases. But your ads have to target people that are likely to be interested in your brand when your target audience likes your post there is a probability that they are going to use click on your action button and as well like your page.

Why Waste my Money Without a direct Profit

More to this is that Facebook like campaign doesn’t bring a direct ROI to your business, rather there should be an after like campaign ads that maximize the pages or post likes gained to drive sales or accomplish the reason why you needed tons Facebook likes.

Before we go into how to create a Facebook like campaign we are going to share with you some pro tips you need to observe to create an effective Like Campaign.

Pro Tips

1. Target relevant or potential customers who are interested in your niche.

2. Encourage people to like your page by adding offers and bonuses as incentives.

3. Display your most relevant content on your page using the pinned post option.

4. Add a page call to action (CTA) to engage users that visit your page after liking your page.

5. Optimize your like campaign for mobile devices.

6. Go straight to the point when creating your like campaign (what your brand stands for, which product you sell or what services you offer).

7. Run one ad at a time.

8. Measure and optimize your ads.

How to Create a Facebook Like Campaign

To create a like campaign is as easy as creating a Facebook page. There is no hidden secrete all that is need is to create a Facebook ads campaign and set your objective as Facebook page likes. Here are some steps to follow;

Step #1: login to Facebook ads manager account and click on the create a new campaign button.

Step #2: Set your campaign objective as engagement.

Step #3: Still in the engagement section select Page Likes and click the continue button.

Step #4: choose the Facebook page you want to be promoted.

Step #5: Choose your audience (custom audience or lookalike audience). Choose a custom audience if your goal is to target people who have interacted with your page in one way or the other before. Or you can target a new audience based on interest, demographics, and behavior.

Step #6: Key in your audience information; age, gender, location and language and save your audience.

Step #7: Choose where you want your ad displayed (ad placement), click on the edit ad placement and optimize for mobile only (device type). At the specify mobile devices and operating systems section choose all mobile devices.

Step #8: Select your budget either daily or lifetime (monthly). Tap on the more advance option button and set when your ads run depending on when you think your audience comes online, the default option is run ads all the time and as well set your bid and when you get charged; chose when someone likes your page (Page like).

Step #9: Build your ad copy; this final step the most crucial and important stage in creating an effective Facebook like campaign. How clear and engaging your ad will be is determined by a good number of things, your image, text, video, description and a call to action button.

These things will tell if your audience will end up liking your page or bypassing your ad. Would you want your money to go unproductive or wasted? To avoid low productivity before you click on the publish button visit this post to learn how to create an effective, clear, straight to point and engaging ad copy and how to report and optimize your Facebook like campaign.

Note; publishing an ad is not all there is, it’s just 50% of the work, the remaining 50% lies on how you monitor and control how effective your ad runs to meet up with your advertising goal.

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