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Google meet is a system that can be used with a G Suite account, Google meet helps its users to chat with their friends or love ones via video or audio platforms; it can also be used for business meetings or conferences.GOOGLE MEET

These video meetings can be launched via email invites or straight ahead. you can also invite your Gmail contact list to join your meetings or connect those involved directly by adding them through Google meet.

Reminders are sent to your invitee who has Google account and they are also automatically added to their calendars.


  • Google meet allows large meetings of people from different organizations, this is a good reason to use Google meet because it allows up to 250 participants in a meeting.
  • It offers live streaming of up to 100,000 domain viewers; this is to say that events can be broadcasted at a wider audience.
  • There is no space necessary in hosting a meeting or event, people can now join meetings at the comfort of their homes
  • Google meets helps you to use a customizable background; this feature makes it possible for you to determine your background that will be visible to others.
  • It is easily accessible by all in any platform or device. Invites can be sent either using the Google meet app or via the web browser.
  • It also allows users to record their meetings which are stored in Google drive and can be accessed later.
  • Videos in Google meet are secured because of high encryption in transit.
  • It allows individuals to share documents or slide presentations during conference calls.
  • It also allows real-time caption that is being powered by Google’s speech-to-text technology.


The following are the requirement that is needed in using Google meet

  • A G suite administrator is needed to turn on the Google meet for your organization or event.
  • In other to create a video you just signed in to your G Suite account for your meetings.
  • A link is required for anyone outside your contact list to invite them easily.
  • Also, make sure your device support Google meet before starting a meeting.
  • People that are not invited can always be invited to join by someone already in the meeting.

Google meet app

Google meet app is simple and easy to use which has a better user interface experience than using just the web.

It is created for the user benefit, this app can either be downloaded from the web or any of your device play store.

After downloading the app you are to fill in the required forms and then start enjoying the benefit of using the Google meet app in the comfort of your home or office.

How to use The Free Version

  • If you are using your web browser; click on but if you are using the app open the app from your IOS or Android device.

You can also start a meeting using your Google calendar.

  • Now, click on start new meeting
  • Select the Google account of your choice you will like to use
  • Click on join meeting, and start your meeting. You can now choose to add anyone from your Google contact link or you can make your invite via a link.


Google meet vs. Zoom; they both allow users to connect with people through conference calls and video meetings

But, they both have different or similar features which I will explain in detail here.


  1. Google meet and Zoom both support call-ins.
  2. They both have collaborating tools
  3. They both allow their users to make large-scale video calls for free. Within their particular period of time.
  4. They both can be accessed through the web. I.e. anyone that has the link can join with their browser.


Google meet allows limited people and lack some advanced features unlike zoom, but it provides easy access to users around the world.

All that is required is your Google account which can be signed in using the Google meet website.


Google meet is free to use for everyone.

  • Files can be shared via chat.
  • The screen can be shared.
  • There is no additional fee for call-in participant
  • With the G suite subscription, there are also other additional benefits.
  • Google meet is cheaper to use compare to zoom


  • Google meet host fewer participants compared to zoom
  • They are not efficient for Mac users.
  • They have a messy dashboard

Zoom features

Zoom offers the best features unlike Google meet; it is created for highly professional purposes.

Even without the payment plan you can still chat, share documents, use whiteboard background, etc.

Advantages of Using Zoom

  • Zoom allows one to record meetings using a desktop. It can also be recorded in the cloud using a paid plan.
  • Zoom has emoji features that Google meet doesn’t have.
  • In zoom, you can view up to 49 participants while in Google meet view only 16 Participants.


  • Zoom offers a 40 minutes call limit while Google meet has 60 minutes time limit.
  • For a zoom pro account, you will have to pay $15 per month which makes it expensive.


Both zoom and Google meet have almost the same features and available tools, Google meet is very easy to use and only required a G suite account which can be accessed using your browser or the Google meet app.

It is better to use Google to meet if participants are to call in than joining in via video because there is no additional call-in fee. Which makes Google meet more affordable.

Anyways, the zoom is still considered to be the best option for a video meeting via conference room, it is also more popular and highly acceptable worldwide.

Zoom also allows more room for conferencing, that is to say, that it has more room for participants.

With all these lovely features there are still limited features for free users and you can only enjoy those benefits when using a paid plan. This makes zoom more expensive yet more efficient for professional use.


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