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Google Safe Browsing

Google has finally rolled out how you can identify fake and malware fraud sites with ease. It is called Google Safe Browsing. It was built by the Google security team to monitor the web and protect site users from unsafe sites.

Google Safe Browsing identifies unsafe sites across the web and notifies users of the grave consequences of continuing with such a site. The security also extends to the webmasters and helps in notifying them of the harm that their site possesses.Google Safe Browsing

Most of the time, some webmasters might not know that their sites have malware infections. This is true as hackers can hack sites, take advantage of the owner without the owner knowing. The hackers go ahead and plan malware to deceive the end-users thereby causing harm.

Google designed this Google Safe Browsing tool to solve this issue and challenge from both ends of the web surfers and the webmaster.

How to know if your Site is under attack using Google Webmaster Tool and Google Safe Browsing

Step 1

IF you are a publisher, you must watch out to ensure your site is safe. Ensure you secure the services of website security givers. For those that can’t afford it, mostly WordPress users, you can use the Google webmaster tool to check when your site is posing danger again your knowledge. To get this done,

  1. Visit your Google webmaster tool site,
  2. Login using your email used for your website verification.
  3. Ensure you select the right asset, www or no non-www version, depending on the real asset domain pattern you are using. Some of you might be on the SSL version, ensure you take up the right version.
  4. On selecting that, select the ‘Security & Manual Actions>Security Issues.
  5. If you get there, you should be able to see if your site has security issues. If it does, you should be able to see the URL that is compromised. Then go ahead to work on the said post.

See the image below as an example.Google Safe Browsing

Step Two

Step two will need you to contact a security firewall firm. There is a host of them out there. You can contact your host to buy the security.

You can as well install plugins like


Wordfence etc.

You will need to buy the premium package to get the best of these plugins.

There is also the option of using CDN premium services and gets a real-time site monitoring security.

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