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SEO Hack to Increase Your Website Traffic in 3 Steps within 30 Days

In this post, I will share practical steps that will help boost your traffic in 30 days. Proven SEO hack to up rank your blog pages and grow your audience.

First, you need to know that the Google algorithm is getting more though by the day. Making it very hard to track them.

Though I wouldn’t advise you to go tricking/manipulate Google algorithm. Especially when you are interested in creating a long run passive income with your blog.

But I will share some legit way you can hack Google algorithm and get them on your side to up rank you and increase your site visitors.

SEO Hack

SEO Hack Step One (Five-step process)

  • Login into Google Search Console
  • Look for all the keywords you’re ranking for that contribute to a large sum of your traffic.
  • Click on those keywords.
  • Google Search Console will show you which page the keyword is pointing related to.

Now that you know the keywords that are driving your major traffic and the pages it’s related to. Move on with Ubbersuggest.

Ubersuggest Tool

  • Take that keyword and put it into Ubersuggest. It will display all the long tail variations of that keyword you should use within that web page.
  • Head back to your web page or that blog post and add those keywords.

Note: find some sentences that will naturally take in those keywords. OR update your content by adding new paragraphs.

But if those keywords aren’t relevant to your content or blog post, you may need to write another blog post that covers that long-tail keyword.

SEO Hack Step Two

Yes, you have either updated your content by adding new paragraphs or by naturally inserting the related long-tail keywords to the already written content.

The next SEO hack is to update your title tag and your Meta description to include those long-tail keywords or related phrases that Ubersuggest displayed.


  • Go back to Google Search Console and submit the new URL for re-indexing
  • Once you submit it for re-indexing, Google will re-crawl it.

The good news…

Give it a period of 30 days, the page that was ranking for some phrases will start ranking for some added key terms and increase traffic that comes from that particular page.

SEO Hack Step Three

Narrow Down your Site – For instance, if your website niche is digital marketing, focus on only writing content about digital marketing. Don’t go wandering about other niches. If you are specific on your site “Theme” you will do well than covering a lot of niches.

Here is Google’s present assumption: after Google’s Hummingbird update, websites that are detailed and thorough on just one topic, are assumed to have more knowledge on that topic and rank higher than other wavering sites in more than one niche.