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Google Slides is a free web-based presentation application embedded in google drive.

This application enables users to create and edit presentations, as well as, share with other users online.

Currently, business owners are using this application to carry out their work.

Google Slides

The staff of a company or group of people can actually work together on the same presentation provided that they are online. This makes it easier for them to achieve the goal of the presentation irrespective of where they are.

One interesting thing about GoogleSlides is that users enjoy the leverage of customizing the theme, background, font color, and font type and font size of the presentation to their taste.

GoogleSlides enables you to add some spices to your presentation. The software can only be used online, and it is free for Google account holders.

GoogleSlides Themes are the designs contained in the GoogleSlides. These designs come with their own background colors and fonts.

Google Slides Themes – Themes for Google Slide | Slides Themes Free

You can customize your presentation theme on GoogleSlides by importing a theme different from the one on display, or by editing the color and font styles of the theme on display. 

Easy Ways to Change Themes on Google Slides

  • Search for GoogleSlides app
  • Open a presentation on your computer.
  • On the menu bar of the presentation, click on “slide”.
  • From the drop-down menu, click “change theme”.
  • From the page that opens, select any theme of your choice. 

Change Themes on iOS

  • Open GoogleSlides app on your device
  • Open a presentation on your device
  • Search for GoogleSlides theme menu.
  • From the list displayed, select “change theme”.
  • Check out the available themes and make your choice.

Change Slides Themes on Android

  • Open GoogleSlides app on your device
  • Open a presentation on your device
  • Select the menu accesses the themes.
  • From the menu that displays, select “change theme”.
  • Preview the themes and select the one that best suits your presentation.

Google Slides Templates – Themes on Google Slides for Free

It is possible to import themes other than the ones displayed, but the themes must be available on GoogleSlides or PowerPoint presentations. If you want to import themes from GoogleSlides, the following steps will guide you;

  • Open GoogleSlides app on your device
  • Open a presentation on your device
  • From the menu bar, select “change theme”.
  • At the down part of the page, select “import theme”.
  • Double click on your desired theme to select and import the theme respectively.

Google Slides login – Login to your Google Slides | Google Slides Sign In

To access your Google doc presentation you will need to sign in to your GoogleSlides account using your email or username and password.

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address.
  • Key in your password.
  • Hit sign in.

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