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Google Wallet Money Transfer – Send & Withdraw Money from your Google Wallet | Google Pay

Google Wallet Money Transfer is an electronic payment system through which people pay their bills online.

It is a safe means of payment and saves one from the embarrassment that comes with not being with cash to complete a transaction.

Google Wallet Money Transfer

There is various electronic payment system but Google Wallet is among the best globally, for fund requests and transfer.

To do virtually everything that has to do with online, people will always go to google.

Google Wallet Money Transfer is a Google electronic payment system launched in 2011 to enable Google users to send and receive funds to and from their friends, family, and coworkers.

Google Wallet – Google Pay

For Android users, Google declared its intention to integrate Google Wallet with Google’s assistant. As regards this, Google Wallet was been re-branded to Google Pay such that users who use Android phones can make payments or request for the fund from your phone contact using voice commands.

For this to take effect, the user will be asked for a personal code or fingerprint to either send or request for money. This is to ensure the customer is protected from fraud.

For Google to concentrate on Google Wallet, they terminated the progress of a physical payment card in June 2016 though they still pay attention to debit or credit cards but on only the cards linked to the user’s account.

Withdraw Money from Your Google Wallet – Google Pay

Having a Google account is the first step to requesting money on Google Wallet. If you do not have a Google account, you need to create one first, but if you already have a Google account, follow the guidelines highlighted below to request Money on Google Wallet;

  • Download the Google Pay application to your apple or android mobile device
  • Open the Google Pay application
  • Select “transfer”
  • After signing in, move to the bottom right of the page and select “request”.
  • Select the contact to request money from, enter the account and select “request”.

Google wallet Money Transfer – Google Wallet Send Money | Google Pay Send

Sending money via transfer and requesting money on Google Wallet are two different things. For you to transfer funds, you must have a Google account. Create one if you do not have or follow the steps below to carry out your transfer with Google Wallet.

  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Select “Send” from the menu.
  • Select the contact you want to send to
  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Select a payment method and confirm the transaction by clicking on “Confirm”
  • Send the money by selecting “Send”.

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