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How does Facebook suggest friends Work?

How does Facebook suggest friends Work?

Facebook is a popular social networking platform that helps users network and connects with their friends and loved ones sharing memories and interests together on the timeline, groups, and pages.

How does Facebook suggest friends Work

Also, Facebook can as well be used for business purposes, social campaigns, and political activities. But more like a social platform for holing up friends. The question of how does Facebook suggests friends’ work is something worth knowing.

The Facebook platform houses over a billion users and hundreds of million active monthly users. With such number, knowing how Facebook suggests friends work will help to understand how to connect with old-time friends, school mates, people you met months ago or years ago in a conference or meeting, etc.

Here is what you need to know…

Facebook does not randomly suggest friends. It has a very clever algorithm that does the job. Facebook is a savvy data miner.

If you have not listed your high school information but if any of your family members or friends listed them then they would automatically suggest you members from that high school, Facebook’s scrupulous data crawler will make the connection.

Whenever you search for a friend, it will show the search result in order of the highest number of mutual friends and similarities. That is to say, How does Facebook suggest friends Work is based on people you have in one way or the other had contact with in the past.

For WhatsApp contacts, Facebook uses your contacts in the mobile phones to suggest to you the friends which are on Facebook with those contact numbers.

Facebook uses the whole of your contact lists, email ids, or all the data stored on your mobile phone to get you to suggest the friends based on that data.

Facebook does some amazingly intelligent stuff to infer who you know by what you do on Facebook. For example, let’s say you have three friends: X, Y, and Z.

  • On Facebook, you go out and your friend X and Y.
  • X and Y happen to both know Z.
  • So, because you’re friends with X and Y, and because X and Y both know Z, it’s possible that Facebook says, “You know what, if these two friends of yours know this person, maybe you do too. So I’ll suggest to them as a possible friend to you.”

The same is the case with Facebook pages. It starts suggesting you Facebook pages based on the likes of your previous pages as well as your friends liking for that page.

Facebook thinks like, “You know, you people all have a lot of common interests. Maybe you should get together; maybe you should know each other.

In fact, maybe you do know each other, and I’ll suggest them as possible friends.” This is not the case always. Facebook Page is where the marketing business comes in the picture.

Facebook charges an amount to boost up your page. For some amount, it will boost up your page to appropriate profiles of your certain business region or area or people of similar interest.

That’s where it generates it’s revenue by selling adds and page suggestions. So everything lies in the algorithm which they have developed for the purpose. That is why they don’t want you to know How does Facebook suggests friends Work.

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