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How to Make a Yard Sale Listing on Craigslist

Do you have a garage for sale and need to get some traffic for the sale? If yes, why not post it on Craigslist? This is one great way to draw free traffic. In Craigslist ads, you can easily fill in fields and post quickly. All you need is a unique and catchy ad to make your post convert to lots of sales. keep reading, I am going to teach you How to Make a Yard Sale Listing on Craigslist.

How to Make a Yard Sale Listing on Craigslist

How to Post to Craigslist

Start by going to the local Craigslist page for your location. Select the post to classifieds link in the upper left corner of the page. To post under the garage sale category, choose for sale by owner and then the garage and moving sales. It automatically takes you to the listing page. In this field, enter the title, location, ad body, and garage sale dates. On the next page, add images, review, and post your ad.

How to make the Post Attractive

Since you are selling an item, it is best to describe what you are selling in the most concise and descriptive way. Let the headline be very catchy in order to catch the attention of people. You can write something like “Multi-family garage sale with tools, furniture and baby gear. Be very brief but don’t lose the message.  You can even number or list the most appealing and interesting items. In this way, customers get the opportunity to scan and know what to expect. Ensure that the picture you add is very convincing and attractive. In the end, verify your details and submit your ad.

How to Sell Boats on Craigslist

To sell Boats on Craigslist, take the steps below:

  • Start by going to the Craigslist homepage. When you reach, choose your location from the list.
  • Carefully review the ads of other people. This will help you learn a whole lot before making your posts or running ads.
  •  Now, write your ad properly. Ensure that it is very catchy before you post it. Give a vivid description of the boat such as how old it is, how long it’s been in your possession, and the price you have in mind for the sale.
  • Add pictures of the boats you want to and upload them. It is not actually an ad requirement but adding it is a way of grabbing a serious buyer.
  • Go to the posting page and click on ‘Post to Classifieds’ on the homepage for your location.
  • Choose the ‘For Sale/Wanted’ category, and select the ‘Boats’ link. You can even find a particular location if you want to and fill the online form. In the posting form, you will answer questions like title, price, description of the boat, and email address. However, if you don’t want to post your email address, simply make it anonymous. There’s an option for that.
  • Carefully review the email sent by Craigslist to your email account. Lastly, click on the ‘Publish’ link to publish your post. Now, potential buyers will see your post.

I hope you got value, you have mastered How to Make a Yard Sale Listing on Craigslist.  If you have questions, keep them in the comment section.

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