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How to Make an Apple Store Or Genius Bar Appointment

Technology has really made everything easy and more is still coming, maybe something that will harvest food from the internet. That’s funny, right? But then, I have a point to prove. With an Apple Genius bar appointment, you can fix your Apple devices on delivery, based on the date scheduled to you. You can do this by booking an appointment with the Apple store. Interesting to hear, right?how to make an appointment at apple store for repair

You can be very busy that you can’t visit a physical store yourself to fix your problem, rather, the online store can help you do that. There, you will get to book a date and as well report a problem to enable you to have a prompt time for your problem to be attended to. Meanwhile, this can make you not waste time when you get to the store for a repair. Let’s find out more on how to book an appointment for a repair.

How to book an Apple store (Genius Bar) appointment

Nowadays, you don’t need to stand up and start moving to the apple store for a repair or for help. Rather, you can now have your own time created for you to come and report your challenges and repair. Thus that is what you can easily do on your iPhone or iPad or even in a browser.

  • However, you need the Apple support app from the App Store to get this done. So, launch to your app store and search for apple support using the search bar.
  • Click on “Get” to install the app.
  • When you have done that, wait for it to install. Afterward, launch the app.
  • Move on and click on Get Started. Now comes the get support page, it contains the list of all Apple devices and services.
  • Move on to select the device you need help with.
  • Find the problem you want to resolve from the options or you type it into the reserved box. But then, bear in mind that you can request for support on hardware matters not help for settings. So, know what you key in if you are using the reserved box.
  • Next, follow up the prompt to complete your request.
  • The support options for your damages will be given at the top of the screen. So, when you are done, click on the “Find locations now” button.
  • Sometimes, you may be directed to call, email, or chat with the support care before you find the option to set up an Apple store(Genius bar) Appointment. This is intentional and as such, you must exercise patience to get your device fixed.
  • Other times, the Bring in For Repair Menu will be hidden. So click on “See all” to review other options on the screen. So, you can now see the “Bring in for Repair” option, so click on it.
  • Here comes the list of nearby Apple Stores where you can make a Genius Bar Appointment. Pick the closest locations, which is eventually among the top list.
  • Locate the Map button at the top of the screen for a proper view of Apple Store locations on a map.
  • Choose the location, the date, and time that is convenient for you.
  • You can choose to go through what you chose on the summary page.
  • Lastly, click on the “Reserve” button.


Make sure you go through the instructions that Apple has for you as regards to your damages and repair. Most times, you would need to backup your devices to avoid losing them.

What if my iPhone or iPad is not accessible? How can I make a Genius Bar appointment?

You are not totally disadvantaged because there is a way out. In this case, you should use a web browser. Launch your web browser and log on to the Apple Support website (  Follow the onscreen prompt to find your way out. Probably, you will see similar questions as above.

How to Send in Your Device

To send your device, you can stay at home and move your device to the Genius bar you have an appointment. Rather, you can send in your device for repair without going there. Apple will make an arrangement for your shipping to a nearby Apple Repairs Center.