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Email List | The Easy Guide to Email List Building in 5 Steps

An email list can be said to be a database of different email addresses collected by online business owners. It is a way to engage and attract prospective clients and potential customers via campaigns. Email marketing is the oldest and most effective marketing channel on the internet to help generate traffic and engage your audience.

Email List

Do you own a blog or run a commercial website and you are searching for ways to improve and grow your email list? Now, Look no further as I’ll be sharing with you in this article tools and ways you can grow your email list to increase productivity.

Email List

  1. Create engaging content

To enable people to stay subscribed to your channel, you need to create content that would engage them and capture their attention at first glance. If your client finds your content enticing and engaging, they’ll always look forward to hearing from you.  And might in a way use word of mouth to recommend you to others who may subscribe to you.

  1. Use a scroll-triggered box

A scroll-triggered box is a box that is designed and use on websites to get the attention of site visitors. This is when they scroll and reach a certain point on the webpage which triggers it to come up. Most people might mistake a scroll-triggered box with a pop-up box. Thus, they are two different tools that are used to gain the attention of site visitors.

Scroll triggered boxes are usually placed in some corners of the webpage (Preferably the bottom) and they don’t cover the content of the webpage. You can also decide when the scroll box would appear either at the bottom or halfway through your website. You can use some free scroll box tools to create a scroll box for your website such as Scroll Box by SumoMe

  1. Use social media to Build Email Checklist

Using social media is another great way to grow your email list. You can use your social media account as a platform to host giveaways, promote some of your content, and encourage your followers to subscribe to your mail. This by adding a CTA button that would take them to the landing pages of your blog or website. Here, it would require them to sign up using their email addresses.

  1. Pop-Ups

As annoying as pop-ups can be to site visitors, it can still be very effective when properly used at the appropriate timing for obtaining email addresses. A good way of using a pop-up without annoying your site visitors or potential customers is to use it when a visitor is about leaving your website.

The exit pop-up should contain a strong, engaging content and should be triggered only for visitors who have spent time on your page and are about exiting the page. The purpose of doing this is to avoid irritating your visitors as if the pop-up shows too early, it may annoy them and they won’t proceed to read the content of your page nor subscribe to receive emails from you.

  1. Ask people for their email record

There’s no harm in trying to ask people or customers you meet on a daily basis to subscribe to you. Doing a one-on-one meeting with a customer gives you the ample opportunity needed for you to emphasize based on what you are rendering to them. You can schedule events, shows, conference, etc. and use this avenue to grow your email list.