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Payoneer Sign Up Bonus – How Do I Qualify for Payoneer Sign Up Bonus

How about racking up a few dollars just by registering for a Payoneer account? Yes, Payoneer offers a signup bonus for all new registered members on their platform. the question is, how do I qualify for Payoneer Sign Up Bonus, what eligibility criteria do they use to determine which members get a signup bonus and who don’t, or is the signup bonus for every newly registered member?

Payoneer Sign Up Bonus

The gist is, new registered members or accounts on Payoneer; a digital payment processing system is entitled to a signup bonus which is redeemable when they start making transactions with their registered Payoneer account.

That said, to get the Payoneer SignUp Bonus, visit the Payoneer account registration page, click on the signup button and fill in your account registration details, click on the signup button, and a signup bonus is credited to your account instantly.

But as earlier noted, the bonus becomes redeemable when your account starts initiating transactions.

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Payoneer – Payoneer Sign Up Bonuses

Payoneer like PayPal is a digital payment system and payment processing that allows for sending and receiving of money from any country of the world. However, to send  and receive money through Payoneer there is a need for account sign up, after the account registration process and your account is verified with a bank account or credit card linked to it. You can receive payments online, make online purchases and withdrawal using ATM with Payoneer MasterCard.

Register for Payoneer and qualify for a Sign Up Bonus

Maybe, you haven’t heard about the signup bonuses or don’t know about the signing bonus dished to members by Payoneer comes, on the basis that there might be secreted charges that funds the signup bonuses. Let’s clear the air first…

Payoneer account registration bonus is funded by many merchants, freelance websites, online stores, eCommerce, and businesses affiliated with Payoneer. There business and companies including the online market place pay Payoneer for using their payment gateway to accept payment from customers, in turn, Payoneer use part of the payment they receive from this merchant, online stores, etc to fund their new member sign up bonus as a way of attracting new users into their value chain.

Payoneer offers every newly registered account on their platform a $35 sign-up bonus which is paid directly into the user’s Bank account after the users start making transactions with the registered account.

How Do I qualify for Payoneer Sign up Bonus? – Eligibility for Payoneer Sign Up Bonus

Quickly, there is no special terms and condition or eligibility criteria to batch the Payoneer account registration bonus. Every newly registered member is eligible for the sign up bonus.

How to Register for an Account – Payoneer Sign up – Account registration process on Payoneer Platform

I will quickly guide you on how to sign up for a Payoneer account. With the below instructions you can register on the platform and gain a membership bonus.

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on the signup button
  3. Provide the required information in the appropriate field.
  4. Hit the submit button.

How to Login on Payoneer – How to Sign in to your Payoneer Account

You can easily login to your Payoneer account. With your username and password head straight to

  1. Enter username
  2. Input password.
  3. Click on the Login button.

Payoneer App Download – App Sign Up – Download Payoneer App on your Android and iOS device

You can as well sign up through the Payoneer App but you will have to download the App from your App store. For Android users; use the play store while iOS users should use Apple App Store.

  1. Visit your phone App store.
  2. Use the search box and locate the Payoneer
  3. Click on the Install or download button.
  4. Wait for the App to install, launch, and sign up.

Note that using the Payoneer app is safe and highly secured.

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