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Pep Boys Credit Card Login | How to Activate Pep Boys Credit Card

Pep Boys Credit card Login is a way to activate your pep Boys credit card. Meanwhile, if you can activate Pep Boys’ credit card without help, then there is no limit to what you can enjoy with this credit card. Thus, it is one way to manage your weekly and monthly payments online. Now when you have activated Pep Boys credit card known as Pep Boys account, you can log in to control your card against all odds.Pep Boys Credit Card

However, it is time to start making the payment with a cashback. Thus, the transaction here is a trade-by-batter game. What do I mean? You stand the chance to earn when you make payments at the following places:

  • Make payments at Gas stations.
  • At grocery stores.
  • Restaurants.
  • And other Auto-related shops anywhere, etc.

Here, each of the points you make is going straight to your digital wallet. Moreover, there is no fee required to process this. We will show you how to apply for a Pep Boys credit card without making a form of payment for that.

Guess what? There are promotional offers designed for Cardmember. For instance, we have the 6 months special financing offer for our new cardholders. But, there are just two things to do which is our aim. What? That is, how to activate your Pep Boys credit card and the Pep Boys credit card Login. Thus, the activation talks about creating an online account while the second is to sign in. The good thing about these two things is that you can do it rightly with your Smartphone. Let’s get started…

How to Manage Pep Boys Credit Card Account

There is only one way for the credit card. Thus, it is known as, which is to say that Synchrony Bank issues this credit card. To activate your account to enable you to manage your rewards, we made a tutorial for you. In that case, you got to join us as we show you how to do that with no stress.

This is time to personalize your account. Moreover, Pep Boys has a strong privacy policy that makes your account safe 24/7. What this means is that you can access your account anytime. Here is how to personalize your own account with the below steps:

  • Firstly, Launch your web browser and log onto
  • Locate the “Register for online access” button on the page
  • Also, Here comes a page with a form seeking your details. At first, enter your credit card details (Username and password), seconded by the last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Also, Make sure that the username and password must be entered one-time with accuracy
  • Your email address is also needed
  • Lastly, When you are done with the registration, move on to the Signup button and click on it to finalize the process.

Now that you are done with creating online access for the Pep Boys credit card, we move to login.

Pep Boys Credit Card Login

To login your credit card online account is very simple. Once you get to the landing page of pep Boys, Find the login link on the page and click on it. This process only needs about two of your details, which is your login details (that is your username and password). Enter them into the respective boxes and then click on the login button. With this, you can fetch your credit card online account.


  1. visit the application form page at
  2. This above URL brings forth the application form
  3. Key in your Email address, SSN, and other requirements for your personal information
  4. Complete the form with other required information
  5. Click on the Apply button when you are done.

How to Activate credit card Benefits

Let me show you some secrete you need to know to manage pep boys card benefits.

  • Do your login at synchrony bank online website
  • Redeem the accumulated rewards
  • Use your card at gas stations for your FICO points.
  • Get your card activated and login free.

Are you ready to make the aforementioned benefits yours? Apply for credit card.

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