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TikTok Download – TikTok Application – TikTok Online Login -How to Login On Android – Desktop – iOS

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TikTok is a video sharing platform with millions of monthly active users with more daily sign up as teens and young adults find the platform more interesting and more user-friendly.

TikTok Download

More like a social networking channel, TikTok is used not only to share videos but to as well as connect with friends and family and share daily memories.

The web version of TikTok is accessible on a desktop computer with web browsers while the standalone app version is accessed through smartphones such as Android, tablet, and iOS devices; iPhone and iPad.

TikTok Download – TikTok Online

The video editing tools on TikTok make it the best social media platform for creating sharable short clips. Often on TikTok people host video contests and competitions to know the best video of the week, month, and year. With trending video seating in the first spot when you launch the app and sign in.

Just like other social media networking sites, you will have to create a TikTok account, set up a profile or avatar so as people can find you easily when they search your profile on TikTok.

Why You Need to Use TikTok – TikTok web – TikTok Application

As earlier acknowledge, TikTok has millions of users, many people that use the app, do so because of its friendly video editing tools with lots of features to beautiful and create amazing videos or short clips. Some incredible features of TikTokApp that would make you want to give it a try; access to video customization tool, watch videos posted by other TikTok users such as DIY, memes, food recipes and lot more, you can add a background sound or music to your video, access to video editing tools; filters, effects, and AR objects which can be used to cut, merge, duplicate and trim video clips on the app.

App Download

You can TikTok download the app for free on app stores with your smartphones. The app is available on the play store for Android users and the Appstore for iOS users.

On Android

  1. Open Google play store
  2. Use the search bar tool and find TikTok
  3. On the results shown, tap on the first result
  4. Click on the install button

The app should start installing, wait for the installation to finish, and launch for sign in.

On iOS

  • Launch Appstore
  • On the search box, key in” TikTok”
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on download
  • Wait for the installation to finish
  • Launch and sign in

On Desktop

Who said you can’t use TikTok on a desktop computer, though there is no desktop app for computers PC users can access TikTok through their web browser.

  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. Tap on the login button
  3. Key in your login credential
  4. Tap login

Online Login

Before you can do anything on TikTok you will need to first sign in to your account, but first, you need to create TiktokAccount to sign in.

The app provides different sign-in options; phone number, Facebook profile, and Google account, Instagram, and Twitter. To sign in with any of the listed options;

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on the sign-in option you prefer
  3. If you are logged in already with the sign-in option you choose, you will be asked to continue or key in the login details of the option.
  4. Tap continue and you will be logged in automatically.

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