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Types of Twitter Ads | A Guild to Choosing Ad that Serves your Marketing Goal

Choice of Twitter Ads types has a great impact on achieving your marketing target. Here we are going to be discussing types of Twitter ads that best generate leads to your business and meet your ads campaign goal.

Types of Twitter Ads


There are basically three major types of Twitter ads that can aid promotions of your ads on Twitter;

  1. Promoted tweets
  2. A Promoted account
  3. Promoted trend

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Promoted Tweets: this is a simple way of boosting your tweet and making it visible to more Twitter users who aren’t following you. The ultimate goal for a promoted tweet is to generate leads and clicks as well as followers. Mostly, promoted tweets are written text of about 280 characters but can also be in form of GIF images. Promoted tweets are paid tweets used by marketers to make people that aren’t following them yet follow them. It’s similar to normal tweets, which makes them retweetable, and liked. The difference between promoted tweets and normal tweet is that promoted tweets are displayed as promoted.

Where are my Promoted Tweets displayed?

Promoted tweets are displayed in target users’ timelines, on Twitter user profiles, at the top of search results, as well as Twitter mobile and desktop apps.

Promoted Account; this Twitter ads type is mostly used by companies and individuals to promote their brand. It comes in handy when your ad’s goal is to boost your Twitter followership.

Where Promoted Account Ads are Displayed

Twitter displays Promoted Accounts ads in potential followers’ timelines, and also as “Who to follow suggestions” and search results. A Follow button is also included and is visible as a promoted account.

Promoted Trends; One way to get your brand visible to potential followers is to push trending topics on Twitter using promoted trends ads type. This is an easy way to promote a hashtag at the top of the most trending list.

Where do my Promoted Trends Appear to Twitter Users

Promoted trends appear on users’ timelines, on the Explore tab, and on the Twitter app.

How to Generate Leads using promoted Trend

When users select your hashtag and start using it, you stand a chance to gain more gradual exposure that increases the reach of your campaign.

Tips; Promoted Trends are unavailable for marketers using Twitter’s self-serve options. Check your eligibility to know if you can work with a Twitter Sales representative to purchase Promoted Trends.

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