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Vero App | How to Sign Up and Navigate through App Features

Vero App – is a social media channel introduced in 2015 to ease the frustration and bridge the gap of user’s data security in other social media platforms. defined Vero as a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.

Vero App

In our previous post, we elaborated more on what Vero is and why you need to become a registered user and we finally shared the distinguishing factors between Vero and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

In this post, we are going to expose you on how to download and Sign up in Vero App and how to navigate through different App Features.

How to Start Using Vero App

Just like every other social media App like Whatsapp, if you have used Whatsapp before signing up in Vero follows a similar process to that of Whatsapp. The little difference is that Vero is a bit easier and stress-free.

Which depict what Vero business model states; Our App users are our customers.

Quickly here are steps to follow to become a registered Vero user;

  • Download Vero App (iOS or Android)
  • Sign up procedures – After the App Installation, open it, key in your first and last name, phone number, and email address.
  • Telephone verification – make sure the phone number you entered in step 2 is valid because a verification message will be sent to it, check your inbox and enter the four-digit number you received in the next interface.
  • Add an Avatar (Bio-Set Up) – Write a brief bio of yourself and upload a profile image from your gallery or take a new photo inside Vero.
  • Following – use the find friends from my contact to add people who are in your contact or just bypass the process and do it later.

You will be taking to your feed, though it will look empty because you ’ve not made a post nor followed anyone.

Vero App Navigation

The first interface you will see is your feed, with an arrow pointing down to a plus sign “Share Your First Post” when you tap on the plus sign an interface with 6 post features will appear; Camera, Link, Music, Movie/tv, Book, and Place.

Click on any of the features and create a post and share.

Add Connection

Start reaching friends and brand you would want to follow. You follow profiles, brand or public figures using either their name or Hashtag. And group them into different connection category.

Filter Users

You can choose to block users post from appearing in your feed when you are overwhelmed with a lot of post from a particular user.

Keep track of your Daily App Usage

You can check how much time (minutes or hours) you are spending in Vero App and know when you are to exist or your remaining time before you exit from the app.

This feature helps you overcome and put a check to the addictive nature of social media networks.

Unique Profile Photo

This is one of the lip Vero App took that gives it a big edge to other social media channels.

You can add up to three Avatar (three profile pictures) and as well choose who sees each of the Avatar. You can choose to show Avatar one (photo 1) to your followers, Two (photo 2) to your acquaintances, and the third (photo 3) to your friends and close friends.

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