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WhatsApp Status – WhatsApp Sign up – Updating your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status was introduced a few years back and it’s quite popular.  WhatsApp is compatible with smartphone devices due to its many advantages such as ease in sending text, pictures, videos, documents, stickers, etc. with ease without even spending airtime. All you need Is an active internet connection.

WhatsApp Status

A few years back, WhatsApp also introduced video and voice calls. Hence the app was not limited to just sending and receiving messages.  You could connect with family, friends, business partners irrespective of their geographical location.

WhatsApp Status is quite similar to the Instagram Story and it lasts for 24hours only. It is an effective way to disseminate broadcast messages to your family and friend. WhatsApp Status is also used to express your views on certain events

WhatsApp Sign Up – How to Create WhatsApp Account – Register on WhatsApp

  • Get a phone connected to the internet and download WhatsApp from the Device play store.
  • Once WhatsApp is completely installed, it will appear on your home screen and you can launch it. Make sure you’ve got an active connection to the internet
  • Agree to all terms and condition when you open the app
  • Put in your active mobile number
  • Put in the confirmation code sent to your mobile number
  • Personalize your account by choosing a display picture or by taking a picture with the camera. At this point, you’ll need to allow WhatsApp your camera, and gallery.
  • And the perfect thing about the WhatsApp app is completely Free!!

Updating your WhatsApp Status – WhatsApp Status Update – WhatsApp Statuses

Updating your WhatsApp Status is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below to update your WhatsApp Status

  • Launch the app on your phone by opening it. Make sure you’re connected to the internet either by mobile data or hotspot connection
  • With android devices, you can swipe left and be taken to the Status section while in iPhones, you will see a circular icon on the bottom of the screen captioned status
  • Note that if your WhatsApp can’t access your camera and gallery, a pop-up message will appear asking for permission for WhatsApp to access your phone’s camera and gallery
  • You can also add a caption to the picture or videos from the local storage of your phone. In terms of videos, they can only play for 30secs.
  • Swipe up to see different filters that can be applied to your pictures and videos

And that is it! Your WhatsApp Status will be updated which only lasts for 24 hours.

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