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How to Install WhatsApp on iPad – WhatsApp Sign Up | WhatsApp App Download

WhatsApp is a Messaging App with over 2 billion users worldwide. The App is a subsidiary of Facebook and a standalone app deployed on both Android and iOS devices. However, this post is to help you figure out How to Install WhatsApp on iPad.

How Install WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp Messenger is a social networking site and app where one can share memories with friends and family. But before then you need to know how Install WhatsApp on iPad and as well create an account to access all the amazing features made available for users.

With an account, you can share text chats, images, videos, make voice calls and video conversations with friends, groups and family members.

WhatsApp App Download

The download procedure is quite easy and simple. Below are instructions on how to install WhatsApp on the iPad.

  1. On your iPad, open any web browser.
  2. Enter the URL on the URL bar.
  3. On the first page select iOS.
  4. Click on INSTALL icon to start download

Alternatively, you can download WhatsApp messenger through your Apple App store.

Simply visit the Apple app store:

  • Open the app store.
  • Using the search bar, key in the key term “WhatsApp Messenger” (That is if the App is not listed on the favorite or recommended app of the App store).
  • Click on the result with the above name.
  • Hit download or install.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Launch and sign up.

WhatsApp User Sign Up

Accessing WhatsApp is only possible if you have an account with them. Account creating on WhatsApp is really what gives you access to WhatsApp features.

All you need is a few personal information and a valid phone number. You need to make sure you have a very strong internet connection. After downloading the App on the Apple App store;

  • Open the App and make sure your data connection is enabled or connect to a hotspot.
  • Click the “Agreement and continue” button.
  • Now enter your mobile number and tap on the Next button.
  • Enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile number into the space provided on the screen.
  • Set up your account by entering your name and other information.

In sum, With WhatsApp App on your iPad you can chat and send information in an image, video, doc, mp3, pdf, etc. to friends, clients, colleagues, family members, etc. anywhere in the world, at the comfort of your house.

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