Injecting visual effects to your artwork gives it a magical touch. Adding magic to your designs not only makes your work stand out, it also distinguishes the artist. Below are 6 ways to adding magic to your designs with photoshop.

Adding magic to your designs

Adding Magic to Your Designs | 6 Ways to Add Magic to Your Designs with Photoshop

1. Magic Lighting Effect in Photoshop

What better way to weave your spells than with wisps of light? This lighting effect can add magical mystery to your graphic elements!

2. X-Ray Typography in Photoshop

Need some spooky element in your typography? How about building a font with bones inside like an x-ray?

3. Fire and Magical Effects in Photoshop

If you’re out fighting dragons, you need your fiery sword. Here’s a great tip on how to create one.

4. Fairy Night Effects in Photoshop

You know that fairies fly in the night. Here’s a way to mystify your night image and add clouds and fairy effects.

5. Dreamy Abstract Background for Photoshop

Create a magical vortex of light and add a special dose of abracadabra to any graphic design.

6. Magical Light Streaks for Photoshop

If you want to jazz up an ordinary-looking portrait, you can always add magical streaks of light.