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Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements – Amazon Affiliate Sign Up & Login

You sign up to be an ‘Amazon Affiliate’ – then you promote products that are for sale on Amazon platform on your own website or blog but you need to know Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements.

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements

Amazon as the largest online shopping store sells almost anything and everything in the world, the possibilities are endless as far as what you can promote.

Added with its millions of unique visitors every day. But you need amazon affiliate program requirements to start.

Before we delve into what is required to join the amazon affiliate program lets quickly talk about how the affiliate program works.

How does Amazon Affiliate Program work?

Amazon pays you a commission (rates vary depending on the category that each item is listed in and how much the item is sold) for any qualified sales that you make.

Typical rates for most products are usually between 4% and 8% (some lower and a few higher).

In a nutshell, when someone visits your website or blog and clicks on any amazon promoted link and buys a product you get paid a certain commission buy amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program Requirements

The become an amazon associate you will need an Amazon account to start with and then an affiliate account, coupled with a blog or website to carry out your promotion.

Benefits of an Amazon Affiliate: What Affiliates on Amazon Gain

Endless Benefits and perks await every amazon affiliate starting with the support you enjoy from amazon in making sure that you succeed in promoting their product and people buying using your affiliate link.

Below are a few benefits for amazon affiliates:

  • Support from amazon in getting your affiliate link to the right audience.
  • There are no security bridges, everything is secured and safe.
  • Your earning is wholly controlled by you.
  • Selling Amazon products is as easy as it’s a globally recognized brand. Trusted and tested.
  • Products sold on the amazon platform delivers to any country in the world.

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

The steps below will take you through the sign up process. Carefully follow it.

  1. Go to the amazon affiliate webpage at
  2. Tap on the “Join Now for Free” or on the “Get Started” button.
  3. Enter the login details of your amazon account if you have not already done that.
  4. Provide every information you are asked to until you are asked to enter your phone number for verification.
  5. Enter the phone number and follow the onscreen instruction.

Amazon Affiliate login

You can access your affiliate account with your login details anywhere from any device with internet access.

Follow the below guide to sign in to your affiliate account.

  1. Visit the official affiliate URL at
  2. Tap on the login button.
  3. Fill in your username.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Hit the login button.

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