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Conversion Funnel | 5 Stage Process to Convert Unique Visitors

Conversion Funnel

This post discusses five ways to convert unique visitors or target audiences into buying customers.

If you had a series of visitors that have visited your site but never converted – I’ll help you build a conversion funnel or process that will help you convert potential customers into buying customers.

Maybe you have even launched several advertising campaigns; Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram or even AdWords, but experienced little or no return on investment (ROI). This post will help you deal with that – but more in a simple and easy way.

Conversion Funnel

Marketing Tips

First, let’s start with marketing tips you need to know:

  • One of the keys to running a successful business is to understand the customer buying process.
  • Just because you’re selling something a consumer wants or needs doesn’t mean you are automatically in a position to make a sale.
  • An understanding of how to leverage the basic concepts of the customer conversion funnel will make it easier for you to guide the consumer through the buying process.

5 Stages of Conversion Funnel

The 5 stage process to converting unique visitors into buying customers are the steps a buyer goes through before they finalize a purchase.

Here’s a quick list of the 5 conversion funnel:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Sale
  5. Retain

Spark up Awareness

The first stage of the funnel is the awareness phase. You need to know that at this stage many potential buyers don’t know that your brand exists.

The work you do at this stage is to research and identify marketing or advertising strategy that promote your brand to potential customers/unique visitors or target markets.

You might adopt different Marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness. You can use marketing strategies like improving your SEO, increased promotion through social media; organic & sponsored post, email outreach, sponsored keyword advertising; AdWords, and display ads.

Push up Interest

If you go through the brand awareness stage, it’s assumed that people are now aware that your product, services or brand exist. Meaning – potential customers are now familiar with your brand.

Next, is to push up their interest in your product and services. To do that you have to figure out ways to get them interested in what you sell. It’s at this point that your content strategy and website plays a huge role.

If you don’t have a website yet, here’s how to create one in just one hour.

Tip #1: When building your website make sure it provides your audience with every single information they need to know about your product and services. So much so they don’t need to go elsewhere looking for a more explanatory detailed product review.

Tip #2: When it comes to content – high value and on-point content have a way of building trust. Remember before a customer will think of buying from you, there would have seen you as an authority in what you do or sell or the best of the best product or service to go for. More so, you can utilize the interest phase to collect your site visitors’ email.

Hype up Consideration

Though, comparing the interest stage and the consideration stage, you would say that both look similar. But both interest and consideration conversion funnel phase play a different role.

At the consideration stage, you incentivize your prospective buyers. What do I mean? It’s simple – Give them a reason to buy from you. Here is the gist – at the interest stage we assume they read your blog post, subscribe to your email list, or downloaded any follow up digital material or info product.

See, there can as well get all of this elsewhere. So these things didn’t benefit them that much. At the consideration stage, I can say in another term that your primary goal is to create a buying desire or hunger – that sense that they need your product or services.

This stage, in other words, is called the critical stage because it calls for a lot of analysis and comparison – that’s why it’s called consideration.

They will compare the cost, quality, and convenience of your product or service compared to alternative solutions. They did already see elsewhere. So give them incentives they won’t found elsewhere and you will win them.

Seal up the Sale

Here’s the tale of what we have been trying to communicate to you:

The customer’s journey story…

At the start you made someone aware of your product and services, they got interested and read more about your offer, there considered options they have and decided they are buying from you instead of your competitors.

At this point they have made up their mind they will buy from you, but that won’t happen automatically, you still have some work to do.

In some cases, arguably they like your brand, initialized the checkout process, but you relaxing until the sale is sealed up.

So, to seal up the sale you need to be there with the customer, provide a guide, walk them through the process, and make sure they don’t get sucked in any of the checkout processes.


The struggle didn’t end at the sale stage or purchase stage. Or the moment a new customer converts.

There will have to be needed for additional marketing campaigns and advertising to get them to continue converting in the future. It’s a constant cycle.

Over To You

If you follow the discussed five-stage processes of conversion funnel in this post you would leap up to your sales this season.