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Amazon Seller Fees –Selling on Amazon | Amazon Individual Seller | Pro Marchant Seller

Amazon Seller Fees – the biggest market place online where buying and selling take place is on the Amazon platform with millions of customers every day.

Amazon has existed for years and has created different means where marketers, brands, individuals, and businesses sell their products on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Seller Fees

The question is – how much does it cost to sell on amazon as amazon seller or merchant?

Amazon Seller Fees: What You Need to Know

Amazon Seller Fees is the fee that you need to pay to amazon for using their services in their market place, though it highly depends on the type of products you’re selling and price may vary.

May I also let you know that there are many factors that influence the Amazon seller fees and Amazon FBA fees, like weight, price, size & category of the item to be sold. Though seller fees depend on a chosen selling plan (Professional or Individual).

Amazon Seller Fees

In most categories Amazon will take 15% of the sales price as a referral fee, in some categories it’s 8% and a few categories have a different fee. Some items also have a variable closing fee of $1.35 (Books, DVD, Music, Software & Computer Games, Video & Video Game Consoles).

Amazon FBA Fees

Amazon FBA fees are based on weight, size, and category & storage time. You can find out the fees for a particular item that’s already on Amazon using the Amazon FBA Calculator.

Amazon seller fees include the following:

Amazon Seller Account: $40 monthly (you can also opt into a per-item fee of $.99 but this only makes sense if you sell very few items.

Amazon Referral Fee: Amazon takes a commission on every product sold (between 8% and 15% – usually closer to 15%).

  1. Shipping: You may charge this to customers additionally or offer free shipping but in any case, you need to pay for this. Amazon allows self-ship as well as offers its own shipping service called Easy Ship.

 Amazon FBA Fees Include the following:

  1. Shipping – based on the weight of the product small to large. Small products start at $2.40 to ship via Amazon.
  2. Storage – based on the size of products this is a monthly fee to store in an Amazon warehouse. January through September this costs $.69 per cubic foot.
  3. Long term storage – if you leave your item in warehouse more than a year it costs $6.90 per cubic foot or $.15, whichever is greater
  4. Closing Fees: only charged on media products
  5. Commission: Amazon charges Category Level Referral Fee based on product category and subcategory.
  6. Collection Fee: A fee chargeable for collecting payment from customers on your behalf.
  7. Packing: Amazon sells its own branded packaging material, which you can purchase from Amazon and also from Amazon(if you require GST bill).

How to create Amazon Seller Account

To sign up for the Amazon seller account is easy and simple. Follow the below process to get it done.

  • Go to the Amazon official site.
  • Login your Amazon account on the site.
  • Scroll down on the website and tap on the “Sell on Amazon” link.
  • Now locate and tap on the “Start Selling” icon.
  • Provide every necessary detail you are asked to provide up to the verification point.
  • Verify your account using the method you are asked to and you should be automatically signed in.

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