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Bitrix24 | What is Bitrix24 | Features, Pricing & Login

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 CRM is collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication.

Bitrix24 is a social intranet, a unified workspace for your company. The service enhances internal information exchange and communications and places a complete set of business tools into a single, intuitive interface.



The mobile version supports the activity stream, comments on posts, liking, notice, instant messages, push notifications, and the company directory and workgroups.

What is Bitrix24? | Bitrix24 CRM | Features, Pricing, and Login

Mobile version deployment

To deploy the mobile version on your device, enter the address of your Bitrix24, your login or email, and your password.

How does Bitrix24 work?

Bitrix24 gives you a unified platform for your files, projects, messages, tasks, and contacts. You can use the platform by registering for an account and then inviting your colleagues. Through the Activity Stream, everyone in your team can keep track of tasks and work together to progress on the project. Your data is safely maintained, and access to it is provided only through the access rights granted to you.

Imagine getting immediate feedback and reactions from you and your teamwork, so you know that at each step you are moving in the right direction. Think about having fewer, more effective meetings.

Having a place where all of your business communication and details are neatly collected, easily managed, and accessible at any time

Its main solutions include social networking, tasks and projects, CRM, document management, file sharing, calendar and planning, sales team management, email, telephone, and HR management. It also has a mobile solution that works on your smartphone or tablet, whether it’s Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Users can start with a free plan with all the essential tools and features: up to 12 users, online storage, and collaboration tools. The cloud-hosted premium plans are highly scalable and can be accessed on any device. An on-premise solution is also available for complete data control, source code access, and an array of additional tools. The Bitrix24 app marketplace is available to create your own apps or use your existing systems.

Bitrix24 CRM

The CRM in Bitrix24 provides an enabling environment to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents, and other contacts within the platform.

16 Benefits of Using Bitrix24

  1. Bitrix24 is a free collaborative tool available for up to 12 users.
  2. Both iOS and Android apps are also free.
  3. In paid plans, you do not have to pay for a separate user but for additional disk space and some optional features.
  4. Bitrix24 offers virtual telephone calling.
  5. It is equipped with comprehensive functions for intranet services. It can support all sorts of files, including wikis, photo galleries, and calendars.
  6. Company services include an employee directory, task and work time reporting, an absence chart, and a visual structure.
  7. Time management tools include a check-in/out feature, regular work reports, and a daily planner.
  8. Time planning features include an event scheduler, calendars, and meeting manager (with CalDAV and Outlook sync).
  9. Document libraries with WebDAV support, versioning, and flexible permission systems
  10. Social search that covers all system objects, including events, tasks, and uploaded documents. Results conform to access permissions.
  11. CRM with visual business process construction features and CRM integration
  12. Bitrix24 offers a collaboration and communications platform for both internal and external operations.
  13. Since the full toolset is cloud-hosted, customers need to get used to only one user interface.
  14. You can store, search, discuss, and share documents and other files.
  15. Coordinate projects, schedules, and tasks.
  16. You can manage external communications through the extranet and CRM with minimal navigation.

Bitrix24 Pricing

You can start with the trial version of the software and upgrade to CRM Plus, the standard or professional package.

Price List:

  • Free (for startups)
  • CRM Plus ($69 per month; for small companies)
  • Standard ($99 per month; for medium companies)
  • Professional ($199 per month; for all-size companies)

Platform deployment

The software is deployed on various platforms, such as the cloud, SaaS, and Web. And it can be installed and run on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

User’s experience with Bitrix24

  1. Customizable, multi-pipeline, streamlined CRM
  2. Powerful team management and employee timesheet systems.
  3. Unified communications.
  4. Ability to attach phone numbers to it (and make and receive calls).
  5. Multichannel contact widget for your website, directly connected to the CRM
  6. Automation and visual workflow designer.
  7. website builder included (awesome for landing and squeeze pages)
  8. Task scheduling and project management
  9. Community support

Software Key Features

  • Analytics
  • Lead nurturing
  • Campaign personalization
  • Progress tracking
  • Prospecting tools
  • Client Database
  • Group scheduling
  • Calendar Sync
  • Online booking and payment
  • Email marketing and a lot more

10 Best Bitrix24 Alternatives

  • Trello
  • Zoho
  • slack
  • Asana
  • Wrike
  • Basecamp
  • Jira
  • G Suite
  • HumHub

Bitrix24 Download

Follow the process below to download and install Bitrix24 on your machine.

4: Download and Installation Process

  • 1. Select and download a preferred version of the Bitrix Virtual Appliance (BVA).
  • 2. Deploy BVA on your server (installation instructions).
  • 3. Inside BVA, launch the Bitrix24 Installation Wizard to select either the Business or Enterprise version for further product installation.
  • 4. Install your Bitrix24 product edition (an Internet connection is required for additional file downloads).

‘Bitrix24: Sign up

To register with Bitrix24, supply your personalized information and follow your custom plan—it’s really that easy. So when you go to sign up, be prepared to provide:

  • First and last name
  • Valid Email
  • Phone

Note that you can also register with your social profile.

Bitrix24 Login

To log in to your Bitrix24 account, Go to the login page and enter the below details:

Note that you can also log in using your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and Office 365, Yandex.

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