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Carousel Ads | How to Boost Organic Carouse l Post that can Generate high Rate of Conversion

Carousel Ads – Advertisers use carousel Ads more because multiple product images or videos can be put together in a little space, and each item or product displayed is called a card.

Such images and videos can as well come with separate headlines, links, or call-to-action buttons and descriptions.

Carousel Ads


Smart Tips

We recommend marketers to use a landscape or horizontal ad unit because users can easily scroll To and Fro.

The interactive format of carousel ads fosters easy user engagement.

Marketers can also use carousel ads to explain the process of how their products work.

According to the Facebook blueprint; the carousel ad format was created to give advertisers a unique way to tell a story using videos and images to showcase their brand, products, apps, or services.

Marketers also use a carousel post or ad to accomplish a variety of business goals and make meaningful connections.

How to Turn Organic Carousel Post into a Carousel Ad through Post Boosting

There are two options to turning your carousel post into an ad after you might have gained a few organic reaches, engagement, and even conversion.

You either use the Boost Button on your page or use or boost your carousel post using ads manager.

If you are a newbie to ads manager you can use the boost button on your page but if you can use ads manager, then it’s an added advantage.

Using ads manager gives you more placement and narrowed audience targeting options.

Boost Carousel Post with Ads Manager

Steps to boosting your Organic Carousel Post;

  • Firstly, log in to the Ads manager.
  • Click on the “Create an Ad” button.
  • In the campaign objective, select “Boost your posts”.
  • Choose your page and the post you want to boost.
  • Set your audience, budget, and your ad schedule.
  • Preview your Ad and hit the “Place Order” button.

Smart Tips

Like I said before, use an image with less text ( the Facebook 20% rule, keep your text to 20%), because it determines if your organic carousel post into the ad will get approval after you hit the “Place Order” button.

Carousel Post Boost with Post Boost Button

Boosting a carousel post with your page post boost button is like boosting a normal post on your page.

It’s very easy and comes in handy if you don’t have the knowledge or haven’t mastered ads manager, or maybe time is not on your side and you want a quick way to boost your organic carousel post and continue with other tasks.

Then the page boost button is a good idea, though you might face a few feature limitations like ad placement and audience targeting options, which are not available to use through the boost button.

Follow the below steps;

  • Firstly, Choose the organic carousel post you want to boost.
  • Click the “Boost Post” button below your post at the right corner.
  • Choose a target audience or create a new audience. (you can target by demographics using audience age, gender, interest, location, and behavior)
  • Set your ad budget (Facebook allows a minimum of $1 per day ad budget, but of course you should know that the higher the budget the higher your reach).
  • Schedule your Post; set when your post should run and the number of days it will last. (When your post should run is dependent on where you think your target audience shows up on Facebook.
  • Preview the post and check for errors or mistakes to correct.
  • Choose a payment option and fill in your payment details or use an existing payment detail already saved. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and Amex Express).
  • Lastly, Tap continues and boosts, your organic carousel post goes live as a carousel ad.

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