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Design Trends | 5 Latest But Little-Known Graphic Design Trends

A dictionary definition of graphic design is “the art of combining text and pictures in advertisement, magazines or books. Graphics design helps us paint and give our world a new meaning and see it from a different perspective. If you are a designer or working towards being one, it’s paramount that you up to your game and get yourself accustomed to the latest graphic design trends of the year as they keep evolving and changing as time goes by.

Design Trends

Here’s a list of Graphic Design trends you would like to know; 3D designs, Open Composition, Eclectics, Duotones & Gradient, and Bold colors.

I’ll be sharing with you some of the latest graphics trends that would be useful and give you an edge in this present day and age.


3- Dimensional designs happen to be the new trend as you can use it to create depth and create awesome elements on different platforms. The 3D design doesn’t select and it can take any form and can be used in creating emojis, avatars, or used in rendering graphics thereby giving your work a live-like feeling.


With open composition, you can say bye to frames, boxes and grids welcome a free design that goes beyond frames. It helps people to see a different and more beautiful version of a picture. Elements in open composition appear as if they are interlocked with each other and free at the same time. It has the power to ignite the viewer’s imagination and see the same picture from various perspectives.


This has to do with selecting a mixture of homogeneous designs, styles, patterns, and colors so as to bring out a perfect artwork. Eclectics will help graphic designers do away with basic rigid and symmetrical designs to a more versatile style. This means that your options are unlimited and you can invariably take a design drawn on paper and process it with tools such as Adobe Photoshop or any of its sister tools and take it into the digital world.


Duotones and gradients, also called color transitions,  can be used to develop the simplest of designs with at least two colors and it would be soothing to the eyes. Gradients help to give more depth to a design and are excellent to view on mobile devices. Most companies use them to design their Logo more as one color Logos are out of style.


Using bold fonts that are daring to the eyes and at the same time, minimal appear catchy to the eyes of the viewers as most individuals view items via their mobile device which has small screens. Making use of this makes your page look clean and the information easy to glance through.