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How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

Do you want to shave your head? If yes, before you do that wait! Take a little time to find out you will look first after shaving it. It is based on this idea that you can now decide to go ahead or leave shaving the hair. There are so many applications that you can use to do this.  In this article, I will teach you how to see how you would look with a buzzed head. If you are excited, let’s go.

Buzzed Head

Choose a Style

If you want to cut your hair, you will need a style.  Do well to choose a style for yourself. The buzz comes with a lot of variations. Do well to choose the length depending on a number that represents the inches of hair remaining. For instance, a number 0 is bald, while a number 3 cut leaves some hair on top. Choose your preferred length. Please note that short buzz cuts show part of your scalp. On the other hand, a full shave shows all of your scalps. A full shave helps you know exactly how you will look.

Furthermore, certain barbershops have posters that display a variety of buzz styles. Choose any style or kind of buzz you want. As you view the styles, you will decide the kind of look you want for yourself. Also, you can find models with similar hairlines for a unique outcome with a buzz cut.

Make use of an App

Usually, these apps work like magic. They just place the buzz or shaved head styling directly on your image to make you see how it looks. Please note that these apps can’t always find the perfect head shape. They only give a general idea about the look. This is to say that they are not 100% accurate. Some apps you can go for include: The Bald Booth and Make Me Bald apps. However, these two are unique for focusing on a fully shaved or bald head rather than a specific buzz cut. You can check out some other apps to see designs and styles.

However, please be very careful whenever you show your photo to some of these programs. Some may sell your image to the law enforcement facial recognition database or tamper with it. It is best to carefully review their privacy terms and conditions before blindly accepting or agreeing to them.

Cut your hair

Actually, the best way to know how you will look if you shave your hair is to cut it into any style you want. It is best to go to a salon to get it fitly cut Cutting it on your own may lead to mistakes.  But if you already have a little skill in cutting hair, you can start in the deep end and start with a full shave or gradually start with longer clippers and work shorter until you reach the length you want.

Are you among those who don’t like people to see them on the buzzed heads? If yes, you can always wear a wig. Better still, plan a camping trip or a retreat after cutting the hair. Before you know it, your hair will grow back. But if you like your hair cut, just leave it.

I hope you got value, keep your questions in the comments section.

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