Facebook Login App | How to Collect More Users Data with FB Login App

Facebook Login App

In this post, I’ll walk through how you can request extra permission when adding Facebook login App or option to your website.

There is basically three permission Facebook grants third-party site when adding Facebook login option; access to public profile info – name, gender, age, etc. friends list and email address.

Facebook Login AppHere’s the gist…

If you must have access to users information other than their email address, friends list and public profile data using Facebook login button or App on your website you would need to ask for extra permission from users and as well get approval from Facebook.

Let’s say you want to access your site visitors Facebook Likes, educational history, relationship status, work status, history and location, and much more personal information. You will have to go through the Facebook permission approval process.

How to Request Extra Permission

Before you proceed to ask extra permission you would have known how to set up Facebook basic permission App if you don’t visit our post on login with Facebook to learn how to do the setup.

The reason, being that – the extra permission request stage starts from the App review stage when creating or setting up your Facebook Login App.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to use users likes permission process but the procedure to all other personal or extra permission is the same. Like when you want to gain access to users work history, education history and a lot of other personal info.

How to get approved by Facebook to Request Facebook Users Likes

List of the Facebook requirement for gaining access to users likes:

  1. You will provide a detail step description of the login process on your website, here is a guide from Facebook’s Developers Guide. With a list of all requirement.
  2. You will be required to explain what you’ll use the likes for.
  3. Thirdly you will have to explain how you’ll use the Facebook likes data you will collect. (This is genuinely dependent on what your business will do with the users Facebook personal information) for the sake of this post – the users Likes.
  4. You will be asked to provide the URL of the site to show your app in action
  5. Explain how it will change after visitors use the Login button
  6. You can attach a video about the login process on your site. (here is what your video can talk about; the login process the visitor follows, where the login button will be placed, and how it works, visitors perception of the login App, and the changes the users likes will make to the website in terms of what that will be shown to the users. Upload a video that explains the Facebook login process on your website.

The Process of gaining Approval

Here we go…

  • Navigate to App Review on your dashboard
  • Click Start a Submission
  • Scroll down and select the user likes option
  • Hit Add 1 Item
  • Click the Edit Notes link under the current submission
  • Write a brief description of how your app will work
  • Upload your documents and the files attached and click save
  • Click submit for review (in a few days you will receive feedback from Facebook, though few times it might take a week or two there about).

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