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Facebook Video Downloader | Download Videos on Facebook (Apps & Browser Extensions)

Facebook Video Downloader | Download Apps | Browser Extensions

Facebook being the highest social media network with over 1 billion users worldwide has features that keep its users entertained.

You can watch live videos, TV shows, internet radios, and other fun activities on the platform. Third-party apps are used for downloading as the Facebook app itself has no download features.

Facebook Video Downloader

The contents on the Facebook app have so much relevance from the education lifestyle to entertainment to adventure.

Hence the need to save some of this content using the Facebook video downloader apps and browser extensions which are both third-party extensions and standalone apps attract regularly charges for access to these contents, some are free and others are data sucking.

However, from our research, we discovered a few of these apps that are free and consumes minimal data during the video download process.

Downloading Facebook Videos

For years, users struggled on how to download videos and their favorite TV shows and clips on the Facebook platform. Some time ago, I was faced with a similar challenge because I had no idea of any third-party application or browser extension that would enable me to download videos from Facebook.

So, I kept burning my data and the reason is simple…

I would watch a video and save the link and still use my data to replay or stream it again when next I want to watch.

Not until I met someone that introduced a handful of amazing and powerful Facebook video downloader Apps that works both for Android and iOS platform.

Watching and Streaming Videos on Facebook

The Facebook primary aim is to keep its users on the platform with no option of directing them to other video platforms. To do that – Facebook created a session in its platform where videos shared by group and pages can be shown without leaving the platform.

To watch and stream videos on the Facebook platform certain steps are followed to make accessing videos simple and easy. Below are the steps:

Step 1: log on to the official Facebook website using either smart devices connected to the internet or a computer with a connection

Step 2: use the signup option available on the home page if you are a new user. If you already have a Facebook account then the sign-in option is for you and it requires your email address or phone number and your password. There is also a password recovery option should you forget your password.

Step 3: finding the icon that will allow you to watch videos after you have successfully signed up or logged on can be easy or a bit of a task depending now on the device being used. It is usually among the icons on the menu.

Another very important thing to note is that the videos that pop up are as a result of the Facebook group, pages you follow, and from friends. It is advisable to follow accounts that post contents that catch your fancy.

Third-party Apps for downloading videos on Facebook Platform

Like I said before, there are a handful of powerful Facebook Video downloaders. However, for want of time and space, I would love the share the best of the best with you.

It’s important to bring to your attention – the list of video downloaders I will mention here are both free and uses minimal data during downloads.

  • Fbdown
  • Hd video downloader for Facebook
  • Video grabby free
  • My video downloader
  • Getfvid

Facebook Video Downloader Browser Extensions

  • Video Downloader for FaceBook™

  • Video Downloader PLUS