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Register To Get My Fair Point Online Services

Do you need accurate bookkeeping for your small or medium-sized business? If yes, you can get access to a unique portal where you can record the day-to-day transactions and manage your accounts department perfectly.

Do you know that now, you can easily manage the people working in the accounts department without spending much?

This is unlike before. Here, you get access to advanced management tools, business customers, and residential customers. You can as well secure and manage their accounts accurately.

Furthermore, this portal as well offers services for account details and permission to the next of kin in the family to manage the account on your behalf. Also, last twelve months account statement, previous month history log.

There is also the option to track your payment on automatic module, billing payments, contact methodology preferences, service order, and appointment details. Interestingly, you can give your feedback on the services that you enjoyed.

However, to benefit from Fair Point, you must first register for their online account. How can you register? Take the steps below:

How to register for an online account

Start by going to You can access this portal with any device that has an internet connection.

Now, proceed to the main official page, click on the button, “Register Now” and start enrolling your personal details.

First start with your account information, enter your BAN or billing account number, if you do not know your BAN, you may get it from the communication bill of “My Fair Point”.

Proceed to choose an option for account verification, either through PIN generation and sent to you via email or by billing. Copy your PIN from the email and enter the same in the field to further proceed.

Now, create your own password by providing some security questions answers.

Lastly, click on the terms and conditions and click the Finish button to complete your registration process.

Other Features of Fair Point:

My Fair Point has extended bandwidth. This is very good as it helps her customers to easily access its online services without stress. It is very fast and easy to access Fair Point.

I hope you got value. Please keep your questions in the comments section.