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Social Media Management: Manage Your Social Team For Maximum

Social media marketing can be very frustrating and overwhelming without the use of the right tools. Stay focus on great Social Media Management tools. Tools can be very useful to help you and your team save time and streamline your work in a very efficient manner.

Social media management tools can help you monitor all your social media messages. Engage your audience, schedule and analyze how your contents perform on different social media platforms.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Tools

Here are 3 tools you can use to manage your social team and achieve maximum results.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that helps businesses manage and integrate all their social network account into one platform. It lets you schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google plus. With a pre-selected date and time.

The social inbox is set up just like your email inbox so you can see reviewed content. Reply, review, assign, etc. The pricing plan is also very friendly starting with as low as $49 a month.


This is one of the oldest and probably the biggest social media management tool. Hootsuite is used by millions of professionals. It has a comprehensive platform that allows bulk scheduling which allows posting multiple contents at a time.

It also has an Auto Scheduling feature so you can add a new post and maintain an all-around presence on social media. With Hootsuite, you can connect to over 35 social networks and manage them. Its price starts from $29 a month. They also have a free pricing plan which one can try out.


Buffer is a well-organized social media management tool that lets you schedule, publish, analyze, and manages all your social media posts. Across different social network profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

It is very easy to use and has a nice interactive user interface. It allows you to schedule and add posts to a queue to be posted. It also has the RSS feed that enables you to publish posts from different blogs. Its pricing plan starts from as low as $15 a month. You can also add 5 team members for $99 a month.


Each of the social media management tools reviewed can serve a different purpose to different users. Depending on what you are most suited and comfortable with. Some are best suited for small teams while others for a bigger team. You must choose the right tool for your job as the right tool makes work easier. If you’re just getting started then I recommend you start with Hootsuite.