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Dating on Facebook Free: Dating Apps Download

Facebook is a free social networking site that connects friends and family and different people in a group with similar interests. It makes sense to remind you that over 1 billion people use the platform for sharing memories and daily lifestyle as well as sharing thoughts and opinions on several topics of discussion making the platform one the best place for gaining knowledge.

However, in all of this, how can individuals who are interested in finding dates partners online take advantage of the platform. Recently, Facebook launched a dating feature on the platform making dating on Facebook free possible to a large number of its users in some countries.

Dating on Facebook


Dating on Facebook Free

With the Dating feature, you can find date partners. Also, You even get your potential life partners on the platform at no cost. In other words, Online dating may not be your thing or something you have tried before. But I bet you will like it. Yes! The good thing about trying it out is that with the feature secret crush you only get to see and hook up with people using the Dating feature. Also, your dating profile will be completely unknown to your Facebook friends that aren’t using the dating Feature.

Facebook Dating Apps and Feature

The dating app launched by Facebook is available for Android and iOS users. Again, you need to know that the feature can be accessed on the Facebook platform using the web URL. Both ways, either through the App or feature on the Web link make finding date partners on the platform easy and stress-free.

Your Journey to Dating on Facebook for Free

Just like we outlined above the ways there is to find dates on the Facebook platform; Apps, groups, and pages.

Dating on the platform is quite simple using groups and pages and it’s more helpful. The reason is simple. Why? most of the dating groups and pages offer tips and safety guides on how to find the right dates and the right way to dating. To used groups and pages to hook up, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, With your device visit
  2. Use the search bar to search the term “Dating”.
  3. Also, From the result choose any group or pages related to the search term.
  4. Tap on them to join.
  5. Lastly, The rest will be history.

Note that for some groups and pages you may need to wait for days or minutes in other for your membership to be approved. Others might need to provide personal information that will help in matching you with the right person.

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