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How to Get Amazon Prime for Free

Of course, Amazon prime is full of benefits and you should know that nothing goes for nothing. But guess what? Hence, you can get Amazon Prime for to get amazon prime for free

Meanwhile, it is not a cheat code as you may expect. Nevertheless, everyone loves free things and in this case, you should not think it’s in the negative. Surprisingly, it’s not what you may think it is. So, read on for the explanation of Amazon Prime made free.

One more time let me remind you least you forget; Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per year. Thus, this is to understand what you are about gaining if you play by the rules we have for you. You know what, this will take care of the whole benefits such as Tv/Movie/Music streaming and more, if not all benefits an Amazon Prime member enjoys.

However, this guide has numerous ways to kick you into enjoying the Prime benefits for free or at a reduced cost.

Here is what we’ve got to bring you to this amazing Amazon Prime Free basis

  1. Have you tried the free trial version of Amazon Prime? It’s the same with Amazon Prime itself.

This is like a blueprint to introduce you to what you are about to sign up for. But then, anyone can do this and thus, it will last just for 30-days. This free trial on Amazon Prime launches you into the main deal.

Doing this, you will have to follow the process like every other Prime Member. In fact, you will enter your details complete including payment method and details. But then, the free 30-days trial comes first. So, once it ends, you are now in a position to carry on by paying. If you don’t want, then you can cancel Amazon Prime.

Does prime worth it? Of course, it worth it. So then you should continue paying your annual membership fee.

  1. Amazon Prime For Free to Students within six months

The question is, are you a student? If yes! Then there is an opportunity for you guys. That is to say, Amazon offers 6 months of Prime at no cost. Moreover, the amazing thing comes at the end of the 6 months if you want to continue. Thus, you are entitled to receive a 50% discount.

Here are necessary requirements to amazon prime free for 6 months

  • Current school email address.
  • Your acceptance letter or transcripts.
  • Student ID with expiration date still valid.

So, check out for Amazon Prime free for 6 months as a student.

  1. Amazon Household

How can this connect to the prime offer? This will not offer Amazon Prime for free; rather, you will get it at less cost. You can now convert that double payment into one payment for all. Thus, this cancels all odds as you will cease to pay for two accounts.

However, the Amazon Household works perfectly for those that have been a Prime member. Suddenly, you will start paying for a single Amazon Prime Membership just becoming a family. Thus, you will connect up to two adults, four teens, and four children. In fact, you mustn’t be a couple to do this household of a thing in as much as you there is trust.

In as much as a single account is paid for, both members still have their own account. To do this, visit

  • Sprint for Amazon Prime Free

Assuming you sign up for an unlimited Premium plan on Sprint, Amazon Prime can be accessed at no cost. So remember any time you want to make a change on Sprint, you should go for free prime membership.

If you concur with this, then you should sign up for Sprint Unlimited.

  1. American Express for Three months Prime free

With your American Express credit card, you can access Prime for free, at least three months. What it takes is your Amex card number and then you kick off for 3-month trial.

To get this, you should visit

  1. Prime Rewards Credit card For Amazon Prime free

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card offers you a free Prime membership and a credit card. Moreover, it covers 5% cashback when you shop on But here is the gist; it demands you spend at least $2,000 for a year on Amazon. Then, you will unlock your Prime Membership.

Meanwhile, check out Amazon rewards card details before you jump in.

  1. Use Frontier Internet for a special one-year free Amazon Prime benefits. Thus, this is for new users. With your special code, you can activate Frontier service, and then they can add a year to your membership when you are already paying. Visit Frontier’s official page for sign up

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